Oda Shogunate

Oda_Shogunate was a nation located in Japan. The town has been fully inactive for the majority of its existence. It was made on the 28th of November. The nation no longer exists.


Oda_Shogunate was a nation created during the Japanese Civil war, made by Dan1804 who was the leader of Kyoto. The nation was funded by a 700g loan, taken from Korea. The nation was succesful in its initial days, convincing nearly all japanese towns to join them, but however as it turned out Dan was an inactive player and he refused to accept any other government type than an absolute monarchy, the other players decided to leave.

Dan1804 lost the ownership of the nation, when his account got purged due to inactivity. The capital was then owned by Anteczeq, however his account was purged as well due to inactivity, which disbanded the old town of Kyoto. The nation was then transferred over to bunnyboy1, who hasn't been online since late December. Sources say that the 2 last leaders weren't even aware of them owning the nation.

The nation disbanded in early February.

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