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Odense CoA.png
Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Government Information
Mayor Slickss
Political System Basic Towny
Economic System Capitalist
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Danemark drapeau.png Danish
Dutch.png Dutch

Official Religion Norse Pagan
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors MapleVK
Past Councillors

Odense is a small sized town located on the island of Funen, west of Copenhagen.



The first Odense made, by 2014delta, was actually planned to be the original capital city of Denmark. However plans were switch later on. This town grew to around 10 residents, but went inactive in February 2019, and got deleted in March 2019.

German Fyn

When Denmark largely moved to Imperial Japan, the German Empire took over much of the territory. Over the ruins of Odense, a town called Fyn was established. It went up to 7 residents, and is thought to have fallen late 2019.

Modern History


In April of 2020, a new player from Kongsmark went to the island. He started to grief the entire island, and destroyed much of it. He was later trapped and killed by the mayor of Kongsmark, 32Lego. This griefer got banned one week later.

Second Odense

This town was made by ohMerxy, present day mayor of Tyskland. He made it, however soon went inactive due to problems.

Third Odense

This was a town made during the revival of Denmark in late 2020. It grew to two chunks, and fell in December.


The town of "Dybbol" occupied half the island, and MapleVK and Slickss eagerly waited its fall. Once it fell, the two quickly went and established Odense. It is currently cleaning the ruins, which it has 90% completed as of Feb 11, 2021.

Rapid Growth

After foundation, the town was quickly expanded, getting 46 chunks in 3 weeks. Multiple homes were built, a town hall, a park and a statue. Around this time, the first resident was recruited. MapleVK then grinded around 300 gold in two days, and expanded the town from 48 to 74 chunks. Also, the medieval section started development, designed to be the west end, non viking side.

Creation of a Wall

After claiming up everything that was planned to be claimed, a large wall took under construction. In 4 days, all the islands in the town were fortified, and secured. However, final touches are still to be done.


Maple was requested by his friend LegoVK to hold his town, and after accepting, gave the town to his friend Slickss.