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The California Confederacy is a confederacy with Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe. This confederacy was formed as a placeholder for the upcoming nation of California, sadly this was delayed due to some events that happened recently as of 11/25/18. This confederacy was founded 11/20/18. This is old and was later formed into the nation of California.

About the Government

The Californian government is broken up into 3 parts. The municipal governments, the Executive government, and the Congressional government. The municipal government is a group of the town mayors from each city state of the nation, and when an act is passed, they always get a say. They exist mainly to manage their own towns, yet they also help making decisions in the government. The executive government is made of the President and Vice President. President is voted differently every two weeks, and presidents choose their vice presidents. The executive government as a whole makes managing decisions for the entire nation. The Congressional government is a congress of representatives, one from each state, that are voted upon by each of the towns. The job of this congress is to create laws that protect the nation and represent the needs of the towns. Other additional laws: Municipal governors can hold executive positions, however they cannot hold congressional positions. If towns have a population of 1, or an inactive population, they may not participate in the federal government.


President: No_Jewtsu

Vice President: cmad88

Town Mayor Representative Production Plan
Los Angeles No_Jewtsu Dbacksrock 10+ gold daily
Sacramento cmad88 JPapper 10 gold daily
San Francisco NigelFarage666 NigelFarage666 N/A
Las Vegas AmazingHotDogMan DubbleDerp 10 gold daily
Lake Tahoe The_Lone_Sp3rm N/A 3 gold total
El Paso Mac3030 N/A N/A

All funds went towards Los Angeles to help make the nation of California.


Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles all accept forming a confederacy together. Sacramento and San Francisco contribute gold to Los Angeles to help form the nation of California. Funds of Los Angeles pushed up to 430 gold (during when towny was broken) 11/23/18. Funds of Los Angeles plummets back down to 85 gold due to BadMineBoy17's incompetence in taking care of the funds because towny was broken. Los Angeles and Sacramento agree to ban BadMineBoy17 and make him an outlaw. All citizens of California Confederacy vote to build a wall surrounding Los Angeles. Los Angeles proceeds with getting their funds back by investigating what happened. Las Vegas joins the confederacy by No_Jewtsu's request. Vice President, cmad88, makes allies with Wabanaki.