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Olivio90 is a brazilian user who is part of the new generation of brazilians in EarthMC. He joined in early 2019 and currently leads the Brazilian Republic.

Olivio used to play in North American nations in 2019, during that time, while he was learning how to play, Olivio was scammed to hardly work on mining, building and farming. After having his gold and his tools stolen by the mayor of the capital of the nation he used to live, Olivio decided to leave the nation and go to his mainland in the Japanese region, where a similar situation happened: olivio had to live in a hole underground and had his things stolen.

In both situations, when olivio complained about it and talked about trust, the mayors didnt want to give anything back, even with his promises for hard working to make it worthy to have him at their towns. In the first conflict with the west coast king/mayor, Olivio was told that he wasnt going to stay in the server and he wasnt ever going to be someone on EarthMc. Later, on the Japanese area, Olivio was told that there wasnt a place for someone like him on earthmc, specially because even if he really loved his country in real life, on Earthmc his presence wasnt required. Considering that he joined the server to have a good time, he decided to leave the server and do as they said he should.

In 2020, he came back to the server with a similar situation as 2019: with basically nothing on his hands, he was going to join a Nation and hard work for them to make them grow as a comunity. In a similar situation, Olivio had to live in towns that used to be ready to punch him on his back, but this time he already knew that he couldnt give all of himself to someone on Earthmc: he had to build his own place. Olivio made the town of Mehinaku in the middle of Brazil region and, eventually, joined the nation of Brazil. Due to several political issues by the Old Brazil's administration, his town was constantly raided day after day, making him and his friends, callan66 and Appa play inside claims and make gold as they could.

While mehinaku was groing, Olivio always took good care to know that no ones propiety would be violated as his propiety was during his nightmares in 2019, olivio used to avoid asking people to do things and, when they did, olivio tried his best to show his gratitude.

Haiti and Pakistan were furious, Mehinaku was still growing even with all the political pressure the nations made to Ketchoop's Brazil and olivio was constantly chased by the Pakistan's King, that used to tell olivio to disband his town since that region didnt deserve to be claimed. The Haiti nation said mehinaku's people would eventually be deleted by inactivity or leave the city to make their own, since Brazil's region was, considered by them, the trash of the world.

Olivio had to make a decision, callan66 stopped playing due to several chasing by those nations and appa stopped playing because callan did. With the residents that were joining the server, Olivio decided to share all his itens with his residents which also decided to share their things in a public storage in the middle of the town. As a miracle, no one did steal anything and all the players acted together to make a better town. Even after the several events were over, PueroPaulo inspired the creation of a permanent public storage. Everyone was trying their best to make the town grow and be bigger, not only to try to reach more respect from Brazil's nation and have the right to be voting in the elections for the king's first hand, but also to have more space to play during the sieges. With that, Olivio realized that the town he was part was getting a nice shape.

Olivio has a sad background, but it doesnt mean he cant make the game better for other people.

Mehinaku was big enough and the community saw that they couldnt accept the problem with the brazilian president's (first hand of the king ketchoop) election anymore. Olivio used to like the president, Maganother, but all of his active friends were mad at him.

With that, he had to make a choice: his friendship with Maganother or to fullfit the expectations of those who were putting their gameplay on him.

By that time, considering that all the residents made a lot of effort in the town, he remembered that he once couldnt say what he think or have any participation on the towns he was part of in 2019, during that time, olivio was just a tool to be used by the mayors in North America and Japan. He couldnt allow the residents to have a similar feeling of not being able to decide their own future, even if some of them are not going to be playing for as long as he expected them to. For that reason, olivio had to decide to be with his town instead of with his friend, breaking all the relations he had with Maganother.

The situation between Brazil and mehinaku was tense enough to make DhominiWitz suggest independence, which had the support of players that he really respected like Afroboiarzouma, considering their hard work for the town. Olivio knowing their effort and knowing how important it is to have one's effort recognized and respected, he was ready for a plan of independence, rushing gold with all his friends to finally make a nation.

Kilomberox, his friend from argentina, told him about argentina's King wish to support the new nation in case Brazil find an international way to force them to become a province, since argentina was already trying to push Brazil when made a town named sao paulo in order to provoke ketchoop's Brazil. Knowing that, olivio was afraid of seen his friends in bad hands, even when sometimes he used to disagree in the way Brazil was handled. So, for a day, olivio thought that it was a better idea to be a province of Brazil.

Olivio was surprised in the day of the independence, when most of the players were trying their best to login in the day scheduled, sone of the residents, such as IrisSi,were going to play during a non-usual day time in real life only to watch the independence day. Other players tried their best, but because of the queue they were stucked and they eventually asked for a record.

When olivio saw the way they were so dedicated, even when he belived they wouldnt be so exited, olivio realized that if he kept that way, he wouldnt be different from the west-coast nation that scammed, stole and made him hardly work for them. He remembered the mean words of those who said south america was a cursed continent and didnt deserve to be claimed, the mean words of those who said he couldnt ever be someone in the minecraft server and he remembered the way he had to play and play against everyone in order to have a simple normal game and decided he couldnt betray his people: the plan was still on, Xingu, the name's mehinaku's people has chosen, would be independent.

Xingu was growing and olivio finally saw some of his friends leaving the server for real. Those friends werent as residents that join one day and leave in the next one, they were close friends that were playing with him for several days every day, people who colaborated and hardly worked together, he was sad to know he couldnt see them anymore, but he was also happy to know he could help those people to have a good game with him in Mehinaku, differently of what he had in North America and Japan.

But something really shocked olivio. His best buddy, Afroboiarzouma, was going to make his own town. It was for Xingu, after all, but olivio couldnt belive afro was going to leave. On olivio's mind, if afro leaves, he wouldnt ever be playing with him again, their time together would be over. For olivio, it was the same as saying good bye. That vision has a lot to do with the day he left the astorian town in north america, his experiences with leaving towns were only about leaving and never contacting them again. Olivio could be a player wich first login was in 2019, but his mentality was still of the new player who was scammed to work as if it was going to do something to protect himself. Afro was entirely understanding about olivios wish but he couldnt understand the true reason why olivio didnt want him to leave.

Afro wanted to rebuild the small houses all over the town, even after Xingu was made Afro always wanted to destroy the houses of players and build beautiful buildings such as he knows how to build. He also used to want to remake the roads of mehinaku into larger ones (nowadays afro says the roads of mehinaku are a special characteristic of our own history and he even uses the same idea on his town). Olivio didnt want to let it happen, since he didnt want people to lose their propiety.

Afro was getting more and more disappointed about what to do on the town, he really wanted to make a change and Olivio felt like he was not different from the terrible mayor that not only wasnt allowing him to play in 2019 but also stole all his stuff and made him work as a fool. So olivio made a plan about making new towns for Xingu: some towns of nation in real life (Xingu) would be made considering the tribes that makes Xingu in real life, suggesting afro to leave mehinaku and make a town named Naruvotu, and so afro did.

Xingu was growing more and more every day, and olivio was pleased to follow his residents wish and also honor the milenar Xingu culture by representing it in the game. But at the same time, he saw Xingu culture being disrespected by the players of the server, saying that it was only a chinese nation. The members of the staff even renamed Xingu to "read4.1rule" for considering that Xingu didnt even exist. Olivio showed the mods about Xingu's incredible history and culture and the nation was back on, but he saw that he was, actually, disrespecting those who were from Xingu in real life by allowing kids from other places of the world to make fun of it. By the same time, olivio saw Ketchoop trying a lot to unite Xingu and Brazil again. Those events convinced olivio that it was time to change Xingu into something different and more related to Brazil as a nation, but in a way that would still respect the players that were playing with him.

Kilomberox, the player from argentina, decided to join mehinaku with some other friends he had there instead of staying in argentina, Kilomberox proposed the poll 27 that would change all the system Xingu had about making decisions: instead of waiting everyone to decide what to vote on every poll, ministers would be elected to make quick decisions when necessary, since the sharing-power system wasnt enough to help Xingu as it did for Mehinaku as a town.

Olivio saw on that a way to join this council with ketchoop and finally make a deal. After months of negotiations, Xingu and Old Brazil merged into a new nation that would be the New Brazil. A new spawn was created in the old capital of Brazil to make ketchoop still have access to a spawn. In that moment, olivio wished he could talk with those who said he couldnt ever be someone in the game, who said he couldnt ever do anything that was important for the server. Olivio isnt an imature adult to care to much about games on internet, but those words combined with 2 betrayals made him come back after a year and do his best: he was part of a pact that made the Brazilian Republic and he was the one who would hold it for those who trusted him.

For him, it was as an honor, even for a game.

In real life, olivio has genetic conections to Japan and Brazil, while in Japan he saw a terrible place, in Brazil he saw a place that wasnt claimed at all, abandoned by everyone and called as a place that didnt deserved to be claimed. He was determinated to do the best he could to make brazil the best place possible. A player that was specially important on this fight was Hungrey, a guy who was always there for olivio and rushed a lot of gold to contribute on his minecraft dreams. Hungrey helped olivio to see that he couldnt make brazil as a revenge against the north american nation and the japanese nation who were so terrible to him, but yes to make a nation where people could do their own game without having to serve others and without having to follow others peoples orders due to the status quo.

While the nation he was a part of was growing, he finally meet a person who later would make him regret knowing, Johnnydeputy. Olivio was told that johnny was going to make a nation in Africa and he belived he convinced johnny to do a town in brazil. Johnny joined the brazilian nation and claimed territory with his town Port Hope. But due to brazil's growing, some nations couldnt allow brazil to still be growing as there isnt a limit, so eventually brazil had to face several sieges from Pakistan and Israel's players. The Prime Minister decided that it was better to close our spawn in order to save our residents.

When the spawn was closed, Johnnydeputy asked to open it. The Prime Minister refused it, so Johnnydeputy asked once again in the next day, but to Olivio. Olivio told him about sharing power and how nice it is to be in a comunity where people take decisions together, but Johnny didnt like his anwser and said he was leaving brazil if his town didnt become the capital, which was refused. As you can see, it is obvious that olivio would feel teribble about what was happening. Olivio helped johnny the maximum he could, he donated all the gold he could give without damaging Brazil, he recruited brazilian players for johnny and still johnny decided to rebel.

Olivio was always ready to help small towns such as Port Hope to recruit new residents.

Johnnydeputy dupping gold.jpg

Olivio helped this person to recruit, but he still left olivio behind when olivio didnt want to "be a king" and anulate the prime minister's decision.

This whole situation was terrible for olivio, recently other friend he used to trust, getfrosted, stopped playing while holding a town, Brasilia, that was made by one of his other friends in name of brazil.

Johnnydeputy was every day, in general chat, trying to convince players that brazil was a terrible place which it was held by a terrible King with a terrible administration. Olivio's felt broken apart when he knew that JohnnyDeputy was this kind of person, olivio saw that he wasnt trustable, specially when he was saying lies. Olivio remembered back in the days he was in the hands of people who also were trying to destroy olivio's in 2019, but with other methods. Olivio then realized that Johnnydeputy wasnt only a person who betrayed him, but he was also an enemy of Brazil. This is why olivio has tried several times to convince Johnnydeputy to stop his actions and make peace. Johnnydeputy found 2 players that wasnt happy with olivio: one of the players were leaving brazil and olivio said he was ok with it, and he wouldnt convince him to stay since olivio was to tired of asking, every day, for him to stay. This player got really mad at olivio

Olivio offered him gold to leave south america and make a town in Australia, but JohnnyDeputy seemed to do not care to much about gold, making olivio belive that Johnnydeputy had his own more efficient special ways to get gold.

Olivio felt like he failed with brazil and he felt like he was the person who brought this terrible problem to the region: we had a nation of pvp players that were attacking people who were starting to play. Olivio remembered his first days in 2019 and the way he was stolen by those mayors, and while seeing those new players to be hunted by johnnydeputy's partners, Olivio felt like he was failing with bringing those new players an experience that was worth playing.

Olivio humiliated himself asking Johnny's group to stop killing new players, but Johnnydeputy nation's member demanded for gold or they wouldnt stop, and Johnnydeputy didnt stop them. Olivio belives, untill today, that johnnydeputy never cared about any of the new players or anyone, all that he wanted was to make chaos, since it was said by Johnnydeputy in global chat that his goal was to destroy Brazil.

So he had to find a final solution, olivio had to sacrifice himself in order to avoid more problems, he saw that Johnnydeputy's problem wasnt Brazil, but yes his existence, he saw that Johnny wasnt like Pakistan whos goal was to avoid brazil's growing but yes to attack olivio diretcly for not doing what he wanted when he demanded it. He saw that he had done enough and it was about time to leave the server and allow johnnydeputy to win his fight, since olivio would also be winning if brazil would get rid of the problem that olivio brought when he asked Johnnydeputy to join brazil. Olivio decided to leave the server.

Well, it wasnt the first time olivio was thinking about it, his goals were all achieved after all: he has done something important, he has helped enough people to play the game and his nation had a system that would allow new players to have an experience that earthmc normally wouldnt allow them to have. Olivio was sure that sandor or hungrey would take care well of the nation. With that in mind, Olivio decided to take 2 weeks without joining the server, hoping that everything would be alright.

When those days were over, johnnydeputy became an inactive player, only 2 days after olivio has left johnny has left the server with him and didnt join it, he saw that he was right: johnnys goal was him, not his nation. Johnnydeputy is still holding his nation, but the conflit seemed to be finally over.

Now, what olivio is watching is Brazil grows every day. Nowadays brazil is the 4º largest nation in population, making his goal of showing those who refused to belive on him that they were wrong. Nowadays Olivio has to live with all the ghosts of his mistakes and is someone who is going to put Brazil as his priority no matter what, he has affection for new players and wish that all the players that join the server can play, save their own things, participate politically of Brazil's nation and eventually make a town that will honor Brazil in real life and all its multiculturalism. Olivio also dreams about making all the region as claimed as Europe.

Olivio90 and Bluepanther26 (personal history)

Olivio had a romantic case with BluePanther26, being married with Bluepanther26 for one week. Olivio was about to marry an ugly german woman and he needed someone to be the priest. Bluepanther26 accepted being the priest because, according to her, she had read something about that on the internet so she knew what she was doing. The ugly german woman, in the moment of the marriage votes, said she was lesbian and couldnt marry olivio. But Bluepanther26, seing olivio was alone, decided to marry him herself: and because of the kiss made during the marriage, they had children (a kiss is how kids are born).

Olivio was focused on Brazil and couldnt be with her during her pregnancy, and he didnt even show up when the gender was revealed. When she finally had her babies, she decided there was time to talk about the future with olivio. Olivio said he wouldnt put their family on the first place because Brazil was more important for him, so then he proposed they could divorce, and so they did.

Right now Bluepanther and Olivio are not together anymore.

it is rumoured that one of the two children BluePanther and Olivio had was Deadly.