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Omitama is a new fast-growing city in Japan.


Early History

On February 8th 2019 a player called 64Discussions created a city called Podolsk. It was originally intended to be a slav town. On February 15 2019 Podolsk was renamed to Omitama and was redesigned to have a Japanese feel to it.


Omitama has a metro station which you can use to travel between cities of Japan. There's a goverement apartment block: one is for the Daimyo and the other two are embassies. There are two traditional japanese houses and the tallest building of Omitama is its Watchtower.

Notable people

64Discussions: the founder, Daimyo and builder of Omitama

FenFenyatta: The current emperor of Japan, donated a lot of gold to start the town.

Omitama in middle February