Ooleetsa was founded on 17th November 2019 by Afaukiz. It currently belongs to Avalon. The founder, Afaukiz, paid only 23 of 64 gold needed to create a town. Dabs_All_OvarYT paid the remaining 41 gold.

Before establishment

Before establishment Afaukiz wanted to create towns in 3 different places. Firstly, he went from Kazachstan to Poland, but he got bored and decided to go to Svalbard. He liked his stay but saw in the chat that Upper Canada is funding towns that later join them. So he travelled to North America. He was ready to go to Delete, Upper Canada but Dabs_All_OvarYT asked him if he wants to settle near. Afaukiz said yes and founded a town on the southwest coast of New Foundland.

BC (Before Citizens)

After arriving at his destination, Afaukiz founded a settlement. A bit north, there was an abandoned house, which he decided to destroy it and collect the materials. Currently, Ooleetsa is under construction with only 2 chunks. First building to be finished was Ooleetsa Observation Tower with the height of 20 meters. Afaukiz wanted to build a huge ice road station but a griefer destroyed it.

AC (After Citizens)

The first citizen of Ooleetsa was (and still is) Grimsteruwu. The town no longer exists as Afaukiz made nyttarbyen in svalbard.

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