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Owen77Stubbs (usually referred to as Owen) has been an active EarthMC player since early September 2019. They spend most their time developing the popular discord bot amongst EarthMC players, EarthMC Stats.


Polite and civil most of the time.

Has the attention span of a goldfish.


Initial Unpopularity

When Owen joined the server in his hopes to create the town "Manchester". He made a bunker just outside of York ​​​​​and was greeted by Glasgow's mayor Shanka a few days later, who easily persuaded him to join Glasgow instead. Within a week later, Owen was promoted to councillor and started work on inviting residents, building the interiors of Glasgow houses and gathering gold. After a month or so, he was then given permissions to the main shop "ASDA" ​​​​, which was unfinished at the time, however he was able to give it a modern look and create a frame-dropping storage room throughout the coming months.

A few months later

After the EarthMC Live discord bot was made open-source by LuciferianThomas (it's creator), Owen became responsible for creating and/or re-making a hefty amount of EarthMC related commands (notably /townless, /town, /nation and /resident) along with the help of Britian's Prime Minister, Warrior in a new discord bot that was named "EarthMC Stats" which soon replaced EarthMC Live after Towny data became no longer up-to-date and instead relies on the data from EarthMC's Dynamic Map. Owen fell out with some Glasgow councillors and it's mayor, he then left Glasgow for lack of freedom and feeling he was missing out on experiencing everything else the server has to offer whilst being stuck in Glasgow. He has since made up with some of the Glasgow's councillors and it's mayor and is now considered an Ex-Patriot, however he still seeks to create his own town.

On 07/02/2020 Owen created the Town "Makassar" along with the Nation "Indonesia" with the player "Shellbell2457"


Owen was first resided in Glasgow but has since migrated to Saguenay temporarily.


Shellbell2457, Warriorrr, Shanka, TomBLT, Miner_sd, Zonerr, Aitonater, AddoM19, MaarjaM19


"bruh" - Every day


  • Owen was heavily involved in making the "EarthMC Stats" discord bot which has recently amassed over 4k users and is in 100+ guilds!