Pacific States (Pacific States of America) is a nation founded on 2/3/19 by NigelFarage666. The capital was located at San Diego.


NigelFarage666 was a former mayor of San Francisco back when Old California was founded. Nigel left North America for a short amount of time and came back to settle in San Diego. San Diego disagrees with Old California's power and so does Lompoc. Lompoc forms New Californian Republic while San Diego forms Pacific States the day after.

The Pacific States grew quickly, and control was transferred for a short bit to mikkle62 and San Diego started growing to take over all of Southern California south of Las Angeles. However mikkle62 was an alt of GuardedCharlie, an old player from EMC 1.0 who was banned for duping. The gold used to expand was all duped. The gold dupe was discovered and by this time NigelFarage666 was back as leader of the Pacific States.

NigelFarage666 was banned in connection to the dupe and mikkle62 was also as a banned player. The claims were and the nation disbanded.

Later NigelFarage666, after being banned, revealed he was an alt of FrankUnderwod2, another old EMC 1.0 player who was banned for griefing and having many warnings.

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