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Pacific Treaty Organization

The Pacific Treaty Organization (PTO) also called the Pacific Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 3 Pacific nations. PTO implements a system of collective defense, this means member nations agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external nation.

Since the founding, Australia has joined the alliance as well as having the founding member nations of Thailand and New Guinea. Several nations have also been discussed to join the alliance such as Micronesia and New Zealand.


On the 30 December 2018, Thailand started talks with several nations in the Pacific region such as Ming and New Zealand, and New Guinea to create an alliance which will keep peaceful and safe conditions in the Pacific region. New Guinea took particular interest in this offer and together, Thailand and New Guinea formed the Pacific Treaty Organization. Australia and Micronesia soon joined this alliance on the 1 January 2019 adding the third and fourth member to the alliance. New Zealand was allowed to be apart of the Partnership for Peace Program at their request to be.

Military Operations

The Pacific Treaty Organization has not participated in any military operations yet.


PTO has 4 members, mainly in Asia which are Australia, Micronesia, New Guinea, and Thailand although looks to expand to other continents such as North and South America. The organization also has one nation which is in the Partnership for Peace Program which is New Zealand and one nation which is a global partner, which is Tunisia.


The flag of the Pacific Treaty Organization resembles the member nations (the stars), the peace within the Pacific (white waves), the deep blue water of the Pacific (blue waves) and the clear skies of the Pacific (blue background).