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Palau is an island town built on the semi-made island of Babeldaob which is the main island of real-life country Palau. The town is in Micronesia (used to be in the Philippines) and is also a colony of Inca. The mayor of the town is CassowaryLord (was chancellor of Melun) and the chancellor of Palau is MyNameIsDrDoof. (was also a chancellor of Melun)

Before The Town

Player MyNameIsDrDoof found an unclaimed island in the Southeast Pacific called Palau in real life. He informed players OwOTheGod and CassowaryLord (current Palau mayor) about the island. OwOTheGod gladly funded the island (keep in mind this was when Bolivia_Peru was one of the richest nations due to Melun's bank) and CassowaryLord went with DrDoof to the island to build the town. OwO also helped with shaping up the land while Cass and DrDoof built the capitol.

Finding a Nation

After this, Palau tirelessly tried to find a nation that would be willing to take them in. It took 2 weeks to find a nation willing to annex them and through this period players would come and try to terrorize the islanders while they were off claims. "With an attitude like that you'll get yourself into a war." Then the 2nd Great War happened with those people being involved. There was also a mini-economic depression for Palau during this time because of the terrorists from Norway and New Zealand.

Philippine Ownership

The Philippine Ownership era of Palau was when the town grew most. (as of the writing of this article) The public blacksmith was created, then the shop and the farm. The islands terrain was also finished during this era. There was also a decline in the members activity on the server. This caused everyone to leave the town except the owner CassowaryLord.

Why they left the Philippines

The Philippines was a dead nation, and Palau had no way to contact the Philippines unless it was through private messages in the chat on EMC. Also the new Micronesia invited them to join their town.

Micronesia Ownership

This is the current nation that Palau is owned by. (as of writing this) The town expanded a bit, and plans are being made to finally expand into a Residential Area of the island. There was also an explosion in builds and activity for the town. (at least in small town standards) The town was finally coming together.

The end of Palau

After tirelessly trying to find someone who would buy the 37 chunk island town with mediocre buildings, no one would buy. So Stlng simply just left the island and joined Inca for 30 seconds, and then made the new nation of Grosso.

Architecture and Buildings

The town has a wood and stone based architecture and has a simple but detailed building type. Important buildings consist of:

This is a picture of the Capitol and other buildings in the main Economy section of Palau. (picture was taken from the watch-tower)

  • The Capitol Buildings (2 buildings linked together through a bridge on the 2nd floor)
  • The Melon Farm (reminds Palauans of their roots)
  • The Melon Church
  • The Sign Shop (nothing there yet because of sign shops being down)

There is also a shop/embassy in the town of Melun, capital of Inca.


The nation is a Democratic Republic, this is the case because of the real country of Palau. The town is not yet big enough to hold presidential elections though.

Presidential Information

The leader of the town will remain but the elected president will dominate the Town. The terms 3 months and a president is allowed only 4 terms. Presidents may also be impeached due to a ban or inactivity.

List of Presidents (since first election)

  • StlngRay (3 terms served)
  • more coming soon

The inside of the Melon Church. The glass panes represent a melon with a slice taken out. To the right of the church, if you were to visit the town, you would find the Melon Altar on the beach.


The religion is Melonism. This is due to being a colony of the Inca. Go to the wiki page for Melonism for more information. Also make sure to check out the Melon Church in the town if you have time. Please make your donations to the church if you have spare gold.