Papuanism is a popular religion in the oceanic region. Papuanism believes that the island of Papua is special and Papua is the perfection of the earth and all goodness and joy is spread from the island of Papua. The closer you are to the island the closer you are to perfection. Many things are worshiped in Papuanism because it has many gods. The gods have no names because it is believed names reflect human possession and greed. The gods are refereed to the god of their nature (Example: God of defense, God of fertility, God of Papua). The gods are different animals found on the island of Papua. The most important god is the God of Papua, also known as the Common Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat which is believed to be the essence of Papua. Papuanism does not believe in Heaven and Hell but rather we are in heaven right now. The gods are believed to live in the same world as us, in the middle of the rainforests of Papua. Many things are worship including many different gods and even the land of Papua itself, although the worship of the land and the God of Papua are the most popular. Papuanism looks down on the destruction of Papuan blocks, trees or passive creatures.

Symbols of Papuanism

The symbols of Papuanism consist of: The Island of Papua, The Common Tube Nosed Fruit Bat and the Bird of Paradise

Papuanism Towns

Papuanism arose from Port Moresby and spread to surrounding cities. The following cities have a Papuanist majority.

-Port Moresby

-New Britian

-Cape Melville


-New Rhodes

-Port Segero







How to Participate

Papuanism can be participated by anyone. Papuanist have many gods to pray to but mainly pray to the God of Papua. Some even believe that the God of Papua controls all other gods. People pray to the God of Papua for good luck, wishes and advice. The God of Papua can speak to its listeners. A place of worship is recomended but not required. A Papuanist place of worship can be called a church, shrine, temple or even a lotu. Many visit the Grand Papuanist Shrine of Papua in Port Moresby which serves as the head church of Papuanism. There is no Pope or figure head. Papuanist do not pray or give gifts to the God of Papua but rather develop a communal relationship with him.
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