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Patagonia (previously known as Argentina) was a nation located in South America. It was founded on January 22, 2019.

Do not confuse it with the current Argentina


In January 15th, the user Major_Dexter, alongside his friends: ishallownyou, Reactionz and Tate_Nurner, established a town called Nuovo Palermo in Valdes Peninsula, which is in the territory of a nation: La Plata.

La Plata governor, AlexGamerYTT, first threatened them. They didn't join La Plata because of the threats.

After a few days of battle , the peace between both sides was achieved.

The nation is disbanded because of inactivity.


There were only two towns which belong to the nation:

  • Nuovo Palermo. Mayor: ishallownyou // Founded: 15-01-2019 // population: 7
  • Tivoli. Mayor: CleaningDirt // Founded: 26-01-2019 // population: 2