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The Patriot Party is a political party which originated in Michigan. The party supports expanding the military, greater economic relations with other nations, forwarding the education, a defensive foreign policy, focusing on strengthening the national economy, bonuses for supporting the militia, more power to towns, and more of a free marked with less national interference. The party opposes economic slavery, removing power from towns, and an authoritarian government. The current chairman of the Patriot Party is MrRainbox


The patriot party was founded near the end of February of 2020 by Hambell in Michigan. The party steadily grew mostly because it was the most detailed in describing the party's beliefs. Soon after, the patriot party started to secure seats in the NAU (North American Union) with Hambell as vice president of the NAU, dad-brobinson, Amikeo, and MrRainbox as senators and also in the SAU, with president Eggman, vice president Bdoge, and supreme court justice of the SAU (Prickly). In early April, the patriot party got candidates running for the Presidents of Michigan and the American Federation (Georgecosomo), as long as their first ever chairman (MrRainbox).


Today the party has fifteen members, which include one candidates for the President American Federation (Georgecosomo), one candidate for the President of Michigan (ImMagnum), one vice president of the NAU (Hambell), three senators for the NAU (MrRainbox, dad-brobinson, & Amikeo and one president of the SAU (Eggman), one vice president of the SAU (Bdoge) and one supreme court justice of the SAU (Prickly). The current chairman of the patriot party is MrRainbox.



  • Expanding the Military
  • Greater economic cooperation with surrounding nations.
  • Forwarding the education
  • Defensive foreign policy
  • Focus on strengthening of national economy
  • Bonuses for Supporting the Militia
  • More power to towns
  • Free market with little government interference


  • Economic Slavery
  • Removing Power from Towns
  • Authoritarian Goverment

Past Chairmans

  1. MrRainbox (April 2nd, 2020 - Present)
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