Flag of the Pavlodar


Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Motto «We will raise the flag on the shores of Onega!»
Established March 24, 2019
Nation Russia
Population 👥4
Chunks 74
Continent Eurasia
Government Information
Mayor Kmatija kmatija
Councillors Denis Hik Denis_Hik
Political System Absolute monarchy
Economic System Mixed
Official Language Russian
Official Religion Freedom of religion
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors Blackcrow1945-2 Blackcrow1945

Stinky Sock Stinky_Sock

Past Councillors YummyBoy

Pavlodar (Russian: Павлодар) is a city-state on the shore of Lake Onega. Founded by Russian-speaking players led by Blackcrow1945 in March 2020.


Early story

Prior to the arrival of a group of players led by Blackcrow1945, only a huge abandoned fortress was located on the site of modern Pavlodar. Later, the mayor of Pavlodar Blackcrow1945, using one of the maps, established that earlier this fortress was part of Greater Finland. Months earlier it had been the town of Äänislinna.

A group of players arrived in these lands from the south - they used to live in Volzhsk, but disagreements with the mayor forced them to leave the city.

March 2020

Having mastered the castle, the mayor set the task of restoring it as soon as possible. So, by March 28, the main square, rest room, chicken coop, farm and a small fortress tower were repaired. It is worth noting that on March 24, diplomatic relations were established with West Caribbea. On March 28, a large warehouse was built, which replaced the old one, in which nothing could fit. On March 31, construction of the Onega port began.

By this time, relations with the neighbors began to change for the better.

April 2020

On April 1, work began to restore the fortifications. This is due to the aggravation of the situation in the region. The North tower and wall were repaired during the day. Work in the port of Onega did not stop: warehouses and several railway tracks were dug.

On April 3, a meeting of the mayors of Pavlodar and Astora (Terra Mariana) was held. During the conversation, it was decided to divide the spheres of influence on the territory of the lake, cooperate in construction and protect each other. After the conversation, the mayor of Pavlodar conducted a tour of Pavlodar for the city of Astor.

On April 8, the Northern gate was built. After them, the construction of the fortress wall continued. On April 12, the construction of the defensive wall was completed, which allowed the construction of a new urban area to begin. Now the city is divided into two districts: West and East.

All administrative buildings will be located in the Western district: city hall, warehouse, farms, spawn, citadel, poultry farm. In the Eastern district of Pavlodar, there will be a market, Embassy of West Caribbea, residential buildings and a hotel.

In fact, Pavlodar developed poorly at the end of April. During this time, farms were restored, and an unfinished ice route to Finland was discovered. Since April 24, the track is under repair.

May 2020

On may 9, the city embankment was officially opened. An artificial river is planned to be created in the large moat that is located under the Northern gate (with the permission of the server administration).

Throughout may, Pavlodar was actively built: the construction of the embankment was completed, and the construction of administrative buildings began. Connections with other cities and Nations were also improved. Thus, Pavlodar consolidated the role of the main city on lake Onega and the White sea.

June 2020

On June 1, the mayor of Pavlodar, Cherny Raven, was elected Prime Minister of Russia, so it was decided to abolish Pomerania and become part of Russia entirely. Since Blackcrow1945 could no longer operate as mayor of Pavlodar, He had to find a replacement. As his successor, he chose his old friend Stinky_Sock, with whom he once founded Pavlodar. However, Stinky_Sock was unable to perform his duties as he had problems with the computer. Therefore, his adviser Denis_Hik became the de facto mayor. Denis_Hik was engaged in the construction of an ice track, and also started the development of trade.

On June 3, Russia launched another reform, which was led by Blackcrow1945. He decided to divide the country into regions, and allocated administrative centers in each region. Thus, Pavlodar became the administrative center of Pomorie. The city of Ladoga also became a part of the region. The position of mayor of Pavlodar was equated to that of Governor of Pomorie.

On June 14, due to the inactivity of Stinky_Sock, kmatija, who had previously been Deputy Governor of the Tver region, was appointed Governor of Pomerania and mayor of Pavlodar. On the same day, a new plan for the development of Pavlodar was adopted.

List of mayors of Pavlodar

Nickname Image Date of Board Merits
1 Blackcrow1945 24/03/2020 — 2/06/2020 Blackcrow1945 is the founder of Pavlodar. During his reign, the main part of the city was built, the Pavlodar Kremlin was reconstructed, the city expanded to 72 chanks, the budget was replenished, and the city gained a great influence in the North-West of Russia. Also, Blackcrow1945 created the master plan of Pavlodar until September 2020, which was almost not amended and the plan remains relevant to this day.
2 Stinky_Sock
Stinky Sock-1-0
2/06/2020 — 14/06/2020 Stinky_Sock contributed to the development of transport and resource extraction during his reign. However, due to problems with the computer, he lost the ability to visit it every day, so he was fired.
3 kmatija 14/06/2020 — Present Kmatija actively engaged in the development and development of territories. The streets of Pavlodar were landscaped with borders, and also received lighting. At the moment, the construction of the metro station "Pavlodar" is underway.



In the South of the city there are several vegetable gardens where potatoes, wheat, and carrots are planted daily. A chicken farm is located in the North.


Pavlodar is located in the North-West of the European part of Russia on the Eastern shore of the Onega sea. Mostly, in the local forests grow oak, spruce and birch. It is very rare to find a dark oak tree that was planted by one of the players earlier.


Pavlodar is a big castle city. Nothing has yet been built outside the walls of the fortress, but it is planned to build residential buildings and a market in the future.


The mayor's office of Pavlodar is a few rooms, among which the mayor's office and a small meeting room stand out.

Mayor’s office in Pavlodar


All offices are decorated in the same style and warm colors. The floor is made of cut spruce wood, the walls are made of a combination of polished granite and white baked clay.

Initially, this room housed a warehouse and furnaces, but after the construction of the warehouse, it was decided to place the mayor's office here.


The storage facility was built at the end of March on the site of unknown underground structures and a small mine.

Initially, it was planned to build a one-story, but long warehouse. However, after some thought, the mayor decided to build a warehouse with a ground floor, and also place a station there for the arrival of mine trucks from the port of Onega. All chests in the vault have a name based on the item that is stored in them. All residents have access to the warehouse. Despite the size of the warehouse, there are still several small warehouses throughout the city.

Central tower

The Central tower is the tallest building in the city. On its top there is a large viewing platform that offers a view of the entire city of Pavlodar.

Pavlodar Kremlin

The Pavlodar Kremlin is a fortress defensive structure that surrounds the perimeter of the entire territory of Pavlodar.

Various sections of the Kremlin were built at very different times. The first section was built before the Foundation of Pavlodar, presumably in mid-late 2019. The second section was built at the end of March 2020, and the third section is still being built.

The Kremlin is built of cobblestones and spruce planks. Occasionally you can find other materials. It has several levels: wall (a place for archers inside the wall), over-wall (for infantry and archers), and tower (exclusively for observation and archers). In some places, the Kremlin can be accessed through secret passageways that lead directly to the street. This is done for convenience, in case the city is captured. In the South of the fortress is the Southern gate. They serve as the main entrance to the city, and the path from the gate can lead to Saint Petersburg. The Northern gate is located in the Northern part of the Kremlin. They are twice as big as the southern ones. From the Northern gate there is a way to Arkhangelsk. Also, the Vorotnitsky bridge adjoins the Northern wall.


Not far from Pavlodar, there is a section of ice track that connects several European routes. Thus, you can get to European capitals from Pavlodar. If you consider the possibility of transfer, it is quite possible to get to America.

At the moment, the mayor's office of Pavlodar is working on creating an ice route that could connect several sections of various roads and make the way from America to Kamchatka. A metro line runs under Pavlodar, which provides access to Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as to the cities of Greater Finland and Finland.

In the South of Pavlodar, residents are building the Onega port. The fact is that through the future underground routes, it will be possible to get to Pavlodar either from Kazakhstan or from the Balkan Peninsula. In addition, a small water route runs from the port to the White sea and allows you to reach various Northern countries. The port will be able to accept not only players, but also numerous cargoes. It is planned to lay a railway from the port to a special warehouse in the city, which will allow various merchants from all over the world to deliver the necessary goods without visiting the city.


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