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People's Republic of China

1280px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg.png
Coat of Arms
People's Republic of China Coat of Arms.png
National Information
Full Name People's Republic of China
National Anthem
Name in Towny PRC
Motto Serving the People
Population 20 (as of 11/26/2021,only PRC)
Chunks 2092
/n list page
Capital City Nanking
Largest City tonghua
Oldest City Wuhan
Established January 3, 2020
Government Information
Leader Tamoxic and KMT_MrWang
Prime Minister None
Political System People's democratic dictatorship
Economic System Socialism
Official Language CN.gif Chinese
Official Religion none
Army Size
Dominions None
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Omoshiroi_Sana,IamSen233
Past Capitals

The People's Republic of China (Chinese:中华民族共和国),referred to as PRC,is one of the major regimes in China,Evolved from The Xia Dynasty (commonly called Xia)


The Beginning of a Nation

At the beginning PRC named The Xia Dynasty and Established January 3, 2020.

4/29/2020,Emperor Omoshiroi_Sana announces his withdrawal from the game,and declared IamSen233 the new emperor.After that,Xia moved its capital to Hangzhou .

7/3/2020,Emperor IamSen233 had been banned,and Tamoxic become new Emperor.

Xia have a war with Japan in 2020's last month,it called xia-Japan war.Finally, Xia won the war.Japan lost half of hiroshima.And xia got it, xia called China_hiroshina to that area.

Become Stronger

Establishment of the Northeast_China

11/14/2020, the imperial Japanese emperor KawadaJP began to invade Northeast China and Korea. The Xia Dynasty (PRC) actively responded, and Allthingsinmirror launched a fund-raising establishment across China,found Songyuan and the Northeast of countered the ambitions of the Japanese right.

After that,Allthingsinmirror is known as the Great General of the Northeast, and the Northeast_China can be described as a Great Wall of China.

Joining of WesternRegions(PRC_XinJiang)

In May 2019,ToxicHolic joined the server. He was Killed by Bactria leader Mining_Tzar when he came to Mongolia area. After that, toxicholic and Xiao_ Huu and MicroXiong (MokoBear) gathered together and put forward the "Western Development" plan, and created a town called Anxi on May 21, 2019.

As Bactria also had the ambition of occupy Xinjiang, the WesternChina War (The Bactria-WesternRegion war) broke out. On the 14/06/19,AnXi founded the nation of WesternRegions, with ToxicHolic at it's helm. After that,On 27/09/19,Bactria and WesternRegions have become peaceful.

On 8/22/2021,MokoBear announced Xinjiang's accession to the PRC,and changed name to “PRC XinJiang

Administrative District

  • Northeast China
  • PRC Xinjiang
  • PRC Jilin
  • West PRC
  • PRC Fujian
  • North PRC
  • Shu


At the beginning The establishment of Xia just for kidding.