The PRS is a Union / Super nation Located in Eastern Russia. It is made up of 9 Nations and 1 Town that is not a member of a nation. This are the current members of the PRS and when they joined:

  1. CCCP | April 14th 2020
  2. Sibir | July 2nd 2020
  3. Verkhoyansk | August 8th 2020
  4. NorthVerkhoyansk | August 8th 2020
  5. Andorra (Town) | August 21st 2020
  6. Mongolia | September 11th 2020
  7. Yakutia | September 19th 2020
  8. Magadan | September 20th 2020
  9. Far | September 20th 2020

This are ex-members of the PRS and when they joined and left:

  1. Porpuris (Town 'UCSP") | May 18th 2020 - May 30th 2020
  2. Alaskan_Union | September 15th 2020 - September 18th 2020
  3. Lena | September 14th 2020 - October 1st 2020


The Beginning

On April 14th 2020, Lenin_Union, julianmxchoppa and more people that eventually quit made the town of Voliograd, at the same time funding what would become the PRS. For its first month, the town kept progressing a lot, and even started building up strong relationships with its neighboring Nations such as Verkhoyansk, Siibr, Kamtchatka, and even nations like Korea.

The Canadian Conflict

Around May, a player called Matrixy owned a town on Avalon, but left Avalon and contacted julianmxchoppa for help. Matrixy accused the Canadian Empire of manipulating votes, and mistreating its own citizens. On May 18th 2020, the town that wanted to make a nation joined the PRS (Known at this time as the PUSSRS). After multiple discord raids, diplomacy was started between the CE and the PUSSRS. After about a week of negotiations, Tyce declined the offer that was proposed, even sending Morgini_ to purge the town. Under terms with Tyce, Porpuris was kicked out of the PUSSRS and returned to Avalon. Couple hours later, it was disbanded. Immediately, the PUSSRS started to grow strong relations with Kingston, and 2 months later Quebec and Baffin.

Getting Bigger

On June 18th 2020, the PUSSRS changed its name to the PULSRS, which slowly made it get more popularity on Eastern Russia. On July 2nd 2020, Sibir became the 2nd member of the PULSRS, nearly doubling the size of the PULSRS Claims. During this time, the PULSRS acted as a direct alliance with Sibir. Both nations helped with infrastructure and many smaller projects. Relations with Verkhoyansk started to boom a lot during this time. On August 8th 2020, Verkhoyansk joined the PULSRS, doubling its size again. Couple days later, Sibir introduced Andorra into the PULSRS as a territory, effectively making it the first permanent European Member of the PULSRS. August 31st 2020 was an important day for the PULSRS. On the morning, the PULSRS changed its name to its current name: PRS, which helped out a lot, Couple hours later, Amphire, along with the help of Mocc, julianmxchoppa and Fruitloopins created the nation of Kichera. Around 11pm on the 32st to the 1st of September at 1am, CCCP was made with the help of Leny1135, Fruitloopins, Amphire and julianmxchoppa. 9 days after, Leny1135 and Lenin_Union helped SwolOne create the nation of Alaskan_Union, making it briefly the 2nd territory ever of the PRS in North America. On September 11th of 2020, Kichera joined the PRS, following with Lena on the 14th. On the 15th, Alaskan_Union joined as an observer state, but was later kicked out of the PRS. On the 19th, Yakutia joined the PRS. On the 20th, Magadan and Far joined the PRS. On September 30th, Lena was sadly disbanded by the admins. With this happening, Lena is no longer a nation, and therefore left the PRS.


The PRS doesn't have that much history with wars, primarily because the is not a lot to worry on the Siberian Area, but there has been 2 wars.

PRS V Shimazu

On the month of August, Shimazu took Seoul from Korea, with the excuse that Shimazu originally made Seoul. On the 15th of August, Korea declared war on Shimazu, following the Ultimatum Korea sent. 2 days later, the PRS Declared war on Shimazu. Not a lot has happened since, Apart from a major grief at Shimazu's capital, performed by julianmxchoppa.

PRS V Kamtchatka (The Sibir War)

During the month of September, Kamtchatka took 2 towns from Sibir. So on the 18th of September, the PRS sent Kamtchatka an Ultimatum, telling Kamtchatka to give back the towns, or there would be retaliation. Unfortunately, Kamtchatka didn't listen, and ignored all warnings. On September 19th 2020, the PRS declared war on Kamtchatka.

Battle of Anastasis

The 1st battle happened at the Stolen town of Anastasis around the morning of September 20th. The Battle lasted about half an hour, resulting in 7 Kamtchatkan loses, while the PRS suffered no loses. It was a PRS Win

Skirmishes of Suceava

The PRS army met up on September 21st on the Capital of Sibir to march together all the way to the Kamtchatkan Capital. Due to there being way too many allies, Warriorr, a british PVPer, interviened with the march, Killing 2 PRS Soldiers in the process. Kamtchatka tried to claim the Skirmish as their victory, even though Kamtchatka never showed up to the skirmish. Later that day, Warriorr went to Kamtchatka to confront 32Monsters, but 32Monsters wouldn't come out of claims to fight. The Battle had no winner.

Battle of Voliograd

In the night of September 21st, Kamtchatkan and Californian Forces marched from Magadan to the Capital of the CCCP: Voliograd. The PRS was outnumbered, but managed to kill all 5 Kamtchatkan Soldiers, suffering no loses. The war had shown that Kamtchatka can't get kills.

On the 22nd of September, Kamtchatka surrendered to the PRS, signing the Treaty of AncientTown, with 100g as pay from the PRS so Kamtchatkan Forces could use towards its military. In total, an estimated of 15 Kamtchatkan Loses, and 0 PRS loses was the result. It was a PRS Win.

Government Structure

The PRS has a simple Government Structure, consisting of 3 Major levels:

  1. The Executive Branch
  2. The Council (SCP-C)
  3. The Parliament

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of 3 People. The Members of the Executive Branch will be listed from Most Powerful to Least.

  1. Lenin_Union | The Leader of the PRS.
  2. julianmxchoppa | The Leader of the SCP
  3. Doc1237 (Innactive) | Supreme Commander of the Siberian Red Army

The Leader of the PRS is the most powerful figure in the PRS. The Leader of the SCP has almost all the powers that the PRS Leader has, making him the 2nd Leader. The Supreme Commander of the Siberian Red Army is the 3rd most powerful. The position offers all military access, but has less powers than the SCP Leader.

The Council

The Council (SCP-C) Is made up of all the Ministers and Semi-Executive Branch Members. Here is the list from Most Powerful to least

  1. Leny1135 | Prime Minister of the PRS.
  • Kydassai | Minister of Economics and Trade
  • Dukasv | Minister of Recruitment
  • Ghemacu | Minister of Siberian Provinces
  • (ELECTIONS ONGOING) | Minister of Foreign Relations

The Prime Minister has virtually the same powers that the Leader of the SCP has, but the power to kick any Members off the Union. The Minister of Economics is incharge of approving shopping districts, trade deals, and where the PRS funds go to. Minister of Recruitment has the power to invite nations into the Union, and is also in-charge of keeping up with the population. The Minister of Siberian Provinces is in charge of making sure that the Members of the PRS don't violate borders or have internal disputes. The Minister of Foreign Relations is self-explanatory.

The Parliament

The Parliament functions as a party system. There are 2 parties in the PRS. Each Party will be listed, following of a list of members under that party.

SIberian Communist Party

  1. CCCP
  2. Verkhoyansk
  3. NorthVerkhoyansk
  4. Mongolia
  5. Yakutia
  6. Magadan

Siberian Democratic Nationalist Party

  1. Sibir
  2. Andorra
  3. Far

The People in parliament can suggest laws, and can vote on laws. Pretty self-explanatory.

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