The planning of who the successor of the Panama Union would be was first initiated before the announcement of Terra Nova. The first idea of settling in the Philippines was co-made by founders Ayagad, Bluehunter, and Shirazmatas. A discord together with the announcement in general chat did not lead to a huge enthusiasm which would eventually lead to the sparse population noticed today.

Beta launch

As both Bluehunter and Shirazmatas had blue ice donator status it was [ Information Unknown ]

Recent History

The Philippines joins Spain as a viceroyalty

New leader

Around May of 2019, Shirazmatas handed leadership to the Philippine's current leader, Skylordvoxaco. During his rule, the Philippines grew from one of those other nations into one of the largest growing nations on the server. Wars that the Philippines has participated in are the Qin War, The War Against Norway, The Liao War, The Han War, and the war on Terror.

Current State

The Philippines Official language is English. English, Tagalog, Spanish, and French are the languages spoken within the nation. The Philippines has 12 towns, With Manila being the largest and most populated, and Bacolod, being the fastest growing city in the nation. The three main cities are Manila, Calabarzon, and Bacolod. Since Skylordvoxaco took a leadership role, the Philippines has experienced an industrial revolution and many Military, Political, and Economic Reforms.



Conscription is for all males ages 15 and up and women if they volunteer for a military position. At one point, the Philippines had the server's largest navy.


The marines operating as the armed ground forces as per the military reorganization act consists of several companies each city joining the Philippines is required to provide either a military unit in the Naval Reserve or the marine corps, If special exceptions are made then cities are allowed to only operate a Police force, However, such special territories and autonomous regions such as Genetic city being comprised largely of French-speaking citizens have been authorized to form the Philippine foreign legion which operates as a defensive ground force for our french autonomous territories Operating independently of Filipino Pacific Eastern Command.

Special Events in History

  • The changing of leadership from shirazmatas to Skylordvoxaco
  • Emperor Skylordvoxaco and Empress ImPolska wedding
  • The Philippines becomes a viceroyalty of Spain


Parliament Building with Victory Fountain

Parliament shot.png

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