Piregott is a Pacific and Germanic religion spreading throughout Anshlussed Austria. Piregott is Greek and German for Fire God. Piregott is a religion based off of a sprite on a pacific island which started the first fire of Earthmc. The spirit set a island off of New Ireland on fire well some German explorers were there passing by. The Spirit rose a huge fire blackening the sky, then a white wave in the flames was spottable in the flames and it looked like a face.


Original Origins

A group of German Explorers set off of New Ireland on a small rowboat in search of land to claim for the Fuhrer and Rommel. The Explorers came to find a small island about 16 miles off of Megropolis which was flaming and blackened the sky. After a while the German Explorers got closer to the island and the flames were more visible. As they got closer they saw a face in the flames which disturbed them so they rowed back to Megropolis. Once back on land they told the religion to people willing to hear. Once back in Austria the explorers built a temple to the spirit and fire they saw on the island.



  • Monday is a holiday as it was the day the island was found
  • The sixteenth Wednesday which is in the month of April is a national holiday
  • September 23rd is a national holiday as it is the day after the harvest moon. All unwanted crops after the harvest moon shall be burnt by the sunrise of September 24th
  • All of December and Janurary shall be one large national holiday as it is time for rest and cooling.

Holy cities

  • Innsbruck


  • MustacheVsEarth


Piregott shall be worshipped in a matter of saying your prayer then blowing out a torch. All blessings shall be granted once you die. Priests are the only people who can lit fires on Earthmc at this time.

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