Pisa resides on Italy's west coast, south of Milan and North of Elba. Beginning at the village's spawn, an announcement board is presented to the player's right. Spawn diverges from two paths, one leading to the south side of the town, one to the main road. The town is vaguely medieval-themed with mostly wood and stone buildings.

It's advised to visit for yourself to see the small village.


Early History (3 AD)

The town of Pisa was established on 19 November, 2018 by Matriarchy with funding from jabesb2. So far, there is only one resident of the town because of preference to work on public buildings and landmarks over plots.

The Grand Railway

Somewhere around 4 AD, Matriarchy was questioned to build a station for the Italian made railway in progress. It will connect all towns in the nation by minecart transportation.

Since then, the railway has been abandoned and ransacked, but a station for it still resides in the small village.

The Architectural Era (~50 AD-Current)

Currently, the owner plans to expand the village with plots for new residents on both land and on the portside within her more involved return to the server. Much of the style was influenced by European buildings with mediocre skill, but now is taking more to Italian-style buildings.


Pisa currently has a blacksmithy, a woodcutter's home, a watchtower, a public mine & mine depot, a public storehouse, a boathouse, a train station, a barn & silo, and a growing portside branch.

Planned projects for the future include:

  • The Tower of Pisa(Torre di Pisa)
  • Renovation

Notable People

  • Matriarchy- A player from classic, she began on June 7th, 2018 in the small town of Benin. At the time, Benin was under Germany as a nation, but quickly transitioned to Seaterrica. The owner of the town and her didn't talk often and eventually, both other members left, leaving her to lead Benin as a hermit. (Fun Fact: I'm leader of Seaterrica on classic lol)
  • TBC



Map of Pisa (12/15/18)

(Ozocraft Used While Building)
2018-12-16 17.09.15

Spawn 1

2018-12-16 17.10.32

Spawn 2 w/ Announcement Board

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