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Pissism, our Joke Minecraft Server Religion is a 2020 Documentary written, directed, edited, and created by American Youtuber Dabs_All_OvarYT. It was produced under the EarthMC film company, 20th Century Faux. It features the former leader of the nation of Avalon, Riley_McDonut, under his Youtube Channel moniker I am E.

The video features both Dabs and I am E explain and educate the viewer about Avalon's native humorous religion of Pissism, the history of Pissism, and how Pissists interact with the world around them.

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Before the video begins, the 20th Century Faux logo is shown for a brief amount of time, before being shrouded in dust. The dust reveals an ancient Pissist piece of writing, before cutting to the intro segment. Dabs_All_Ovar begins to introduce Pissism, before being joined by I am E. Dabs introduces I am E to the audience, before cutting to another segment where they recount the founding of Pissism, alluding to the dreaded Summer of 2019 (DUN-DUNN-DUNNNNNNNNN!).


Pissism, our Joke Minecraft Server Religion

The Pissism documentary, available on Dabs' YouTube channel.

Dabs explains his history on the server; how he saw the original video advertisement for EarthMC that Fix had put up on his channel during the days of yore. Dabs explains how he wanted to make a meme town, as to alleviate much of the serious and emotionally-draining aspects of the server he foresaw, and as such he decided that he would form the town of Pee Pee Island. He joined the server, but had to take a long boat ride to Newfoundland. Once he reached the town, he began building underground. But his friend, WeebyDeeby whom he had invited on the trip, had accidentally built a tree farm on top of their underground base, attracting griefers from the dynmap.

After an attack from the Bactrians, when Dabs was at his lowest point, he had a vision of The Ball God, the deity in Pissism. The Ball God instructed Dabs that he would protect him and his kind if they were to place structures known as "Pee-Pees" throughout their land. He did so, and the bactrians never returned, allowing Dabs to finally found the town of Pee Pee Island, building many structures in the town dedicated to the Ball God. Later that month, IBXToycat, a famous Minecraft youtuber visited Pee Pee Island and blessed the town with his presence. His arrival was said to have been a result of the Ball God. I am E takes the stage and explains how he made another town named Dildo north of the area, and how he had originally not liked Dabs, but after yet another vision from the Ball God to I am E, they started getting along and even formed a nation together. I am E created the Dildo's Dildo using the most reliable magenta concrete available.

After a quick detour to some Pissism Facts, the video fast-forwards to July of that year. Dabs and I am E came together to form Avalon, their new nation, and have officially recognized Pissism as the state religion, with WeebyDeeby revealing themselves to be The Ball God. Dabs then notes how, that was the Pissism Old Testament, and then assures the audience that there is still much to go over in the Pissism New Testament.

After another quick detour to some more Pissism Facts, the video fast-forwards again to September, wherein Dabs's son/father (townmember) Megablocklyng asked to become The Poop, or the religious head of Pissism. They asked the Ball God, and he got approval. Sadly though, shortly after being promoted, Mega had to leave Avalon to fight a war in Spain, but his duty to the Ball God while in europe would be immense. He created the nation of Spanish_Sahara, and made Pissism the state religion.

A Pissism Crusade was aimed at the neighboring nation of Quebec after their leaders starting talking ill of Pissism. Eventually, Quebecese Politician, Scorpionzzx said he would convert to Pissism if the Avalonese would vote for him in an election. The deal was agreed and Pissism rose in Quebec. Scorpionzzx was later added as a Shite. I am E also wanted to build a big colosseum called the Balloseum, but to do so, he had to remove the Dildo's Dildo!

A quick detour is made to Pissism's role in the PDvsPIGW before fast-forwarding yet again to February of 2020, A rouge Pissist, RedYoshi created the religion of Beeism, which was quickly rising religion. To deal with them, and also to keep Pissism as the best and most relevant religion on the server, The Sex Army was formed. Through coordinated crusades and memes on the EarthMC reddit, Beeism was defeated and dissolved.

On March 8th, 2020, through a particularly Ballgodly event, the Dildo's Dildo rose back from the earth, cut through the wrecked Balloseum and kept going to the skybox! To celebrate this event, a discord voice chat was arranged in which all users changed their profile pictures to that of the Avalon Ball. Dabs and I am E explain how to convert to Pissism as part of more Pissist facts, before both Dabs and Riley end this amazing video by uttering "MAY THE PEE PEE BE WITH YOU!", before the credits roll.


Production started several weeks before the initial video's release. Dabs and I am E met over discord in order to record I am E's lines. Dabs's and I am E's lines were each recorded in a day. Video editing took the most time out of any other aspect of the filmmaking, and was done across the entirety of Spring Break. There were a handful of live shots done at Nunavut, Nevada, Godthab, and Nouvelle-France. Nouvelle-France in particular was very difficult to film in as their leader, QuebecSovietique wished to be mentioned in the film as payment for allowing the group to film in that location, this is the reason as to why QuebecSovietique gets an awkward last credit within the film.


The cast Features Dabs_All_Ovar, played by Dabs_All_OvarYT, and I am E, played by Riley_McDonut.


The film features a great variety of music featured within the film. Going in order by appearance, all songs featured in the film include The Halo Theme from Halo, Bobomb Battlefield from Mario 64, Creative Exercise from Mario Paint, Crab Rave by Noisestorm, The Ending Theme from Super Mario World, and finally the San Andreas Theme from GTA 5.


Although unlike much of Dabs_All_Ovar's usual content, the video experienced a meteoric amount of success. It received over 250 views within the first day. The video was praised as "A Riveting, necessary experience for ALL Pissists"


The video was generally well-received both with those in the EarthMC community, with many converting to Pissism as a result. Even for those outside of the EarthMC community, they have converted to Pissism as a result of viewing the video. Many consider the video to be an entertaining film regardless of your religious background.


  • The thumbnail design is a reference to RealLifeLore, whomsitches's documentary-styled videos are styled in such a way.