Plexus resides on the northern east coast of Sweden, very high up north from the capital, Stockholm. But for now, Plexus is only a small settlement waiting to grow bigger. _____________________________________________


The town "Plexus" was established on the 22nd of March 2019, due to this, we have a lack of history behind the town itself.

Early history

The beginning

This was on the first day of Plexus being built, it was when cosiest traveled up north to find greener pastures. He found a place next to an island he's thinking about claiming. The place wasn't right next to any other towns so this was the place he thought.

The great expanse

This is going on right now, around the 30th of March - Today. This is when Plexus joined forces with Fjordane, and expanded their town by around 5 chunks in a short period of time. This is also when a lot of the "real" town is built. (Unfinished)


Notable people

-cosiest (founder, also mayor.)

-robin_2006 (town councillor.)



Plexus in it's current state. (2019-4-4.)

Plexus is on the northern east coast of Sweden.

The continent it resides in is in Europe.



2019-03-30 10.27.54

The town of Plexus in it's current state (2019-03-30th)

2019-03-30 10.28.10

Mellenor Castle

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