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17th of September 2021
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Polish Federation
Flaga koncepcja.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Polish Federation.png
National Information
Full Name Polish Federation
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Motto "Chwała Federacji!"
Population 184
Chunks 3537
/n list page
Capital City
Largest City Wroclaw
Oldest City Wroclaw
Established 9th of November 2018
Discord Discord of Polish Federation
Government Information
Leader POGKPP, 3meraldK, Wolk__
Chancellors Bajzyl


Prime Minister
Political System Federation
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Polish
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders 4Nek
Past Capitals

Polish Federation (pol. Federacja Polska) or Poland is a meganation of Poland, West Galicia and Tasmania with its mainland located in Europe, proclaimed on 30th of July 2021 by 3meraldK.


Polish Federation claims stretch from Oder river basin to modern Kremenchuk in central Ukraine, and from southern Baltic coast to the borders of modern central Hungary. They have claims on Bornholm island. As Polish Kingdom is also a puppetmaster of Tasmania, they have rights to entire Tasmania island aswell. Poland controls only half of their claimed lands because of expansionist Austria and ongoing war between Europa Pact and The Federation. They border with Austria and Greater Roman Empire mainly.


Geography in this region is mixed, because in northern part plains dominate, in southern part there are hills and various mountains such as Carpathian mountains, and there is a huge, empty poorly developed Ukrainian steppe. Poland region is highly urbanized while Ukraine is very empty in towns and is target for Austria and Poland, Greater Roman Empire too. Grief and general disorder are commonplace in this environment. There are several rivers: main is Vistula, flowing through whole modern Poland, Oder, flowing from modern Szczecin to modern Silesian voivodeship. In Pridnestrovia, Dniester is border between Polish Federation and Serbia, and Dnieper being near east borders.


Demography may vary and is unstable, it depends on activity, if mayor entered the server and started to invite citizens. Most of invited people turn out to be one-day players, so population drops by more than half, month after mass invitations. As of Autumn 2021, queue hit zero positions, and now it's much more likely that activity rises, so population will do.


Government of the federation is tetrarchy of two Polish kings and two Galician kings. Federal government though is complex and consists of all parliament members from both kingdoms and all archduchies. Also, what's important, leader of Towny state willing to join the Federation is given almost same rights as King but cannot hold this title, instead he becomes Archduke of his autonomous region.

By definitions, kingdom is either Polish Kingdom or West Galicia. Archduchy is other Towny state in the Federation, just like Poland or Galicia, but they cannot be kingdoms. Grand duchy is only an administrative region which is fictional and there's no Towny nation of them. That is why grand duchies are controlled by archduchies assigned to them. The Federation is divided into 2 kingdoms, 2 archduchy and one colony. It is initial system which both governments came up with so it's planned to change a lot in future.

  • Polish Kingdom
    • Silesia
    • Colony of Tasmania
  • Kingdom of West Galicia
    • Pridnestrovia



  • Europa Pact
    • German Confederation
    • Spanish Empire
    • Terra Mariana
    • Greater Roman Empire


  • Francia
  • Tanzania

List of government

  • 3meraldK of Koszyce
  • 4Nek of Lechograd
  • Wolk__ of Krakow
  • POGKPP of Gdansk
  • RaddiPL of New Rzeszow
  • Bajzyl of Wroclaw
  • Kieubasiarz of Zloty Stok
  • UndoneArist of Rzeszow
  • WarAndroid of Grunwald
  • Inspektor_Gadzyt of Slavowice
  • kacp222 of Poznan
  • Kutsal of Wroclaw
  • _xFlyingEagle of Koszyce
  • PanGubernator of Kijow
  • ToMeKiRyS of Turku



Before August of 2021 both kingdoms of West Galicia and Poland were divided because of Second Polish civil war. In July 2021 however one nobleman from Kijow, PanGubernator, convinced both Kings, 3meraldK and POGKPP, to discuss potential reunification. Before, in April of 2021, that failed, but this time succeeded and Polish Federation has been proclaimed on 30th of July 2021. Treaty signed allowed both kingdoms many possibilities and privileges, such as free town movement between kingdoms, creation of administrative regions, defining kingdoms, archduchies et cetera.

National flag and coat of arms

Flag is a Polish variation with national coat of arms in the middle. Four-sided coat of arms represents four eagles; each eagle belongs to a kingdom or its grand duchy. From left; Galician golden eagle with diorite block and polished andesite blocks (speaking for Kosice's stereotypical blocks used for building) held in paws, Pridnestrovian custom eagle under it which represents Galician influence over this region. From right; Polish silver eagle with classic diamond and golden blocks representing both very old traditions and its richness, Silesian eagle under it representing Polish influence. There is a golden compartment behind the shield with a classic polish golden crown.

Europa Pact - French War

Europa Pact has declared war on France and kicked them out of Europa Pact on 7th of September 2021. In purpose of aiding Francia, Polish ally, Poland declared their support and Polish Federation joined the war siding with French United Front, on 11th of September 2021.

In this day Poland also abolished League of Free Nations co-hosted with Francia and instead made direct alliance to cooperate better.


Notable people

  • PanGubernator can be considered notable person as he convinced both kingdoms to unify with themselves.