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16th of September 2021
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Polish Kingdom
Kingdom of Poland.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of West Galicia.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Poland
National Anthem
Name in Towny Poland
Motto "Poland, the Graveyard of Empires."
Population 100
Chunks 1861
/n list page
Capital City Gdansk
Largest City Wroclaw
Oldest City Wroclaw
Established 9th of November 2018

27th of January 2019

Disbanded 27th of January 2019
Discord Discord of Polish Federation
Government Information
Chancellors Bajzyl


Prime Minister
Political System Absolute monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Polish
Official Religion
Army Size
Dominions Tasmania
Part of Polish Federation
Historical Information
Past Leaders Several leaders including notable ones:
  • xHyper20
  • MlecznySernik
Past Capitals Warsaw

Kingdom of Poland (pol. Królestwo Polskie), Poland or The First Polish Kingdom is a nation located in Central Europe with the capital being Gdansk. Established on 9th of November 2018 by MlecznySernik, disbanded on 27th of January 2019 by xHyper20 and recreated few hours later by MlecznySernik once again, is currently one of the oldest nations on EarthMC Terra Nova. Polish Kingdom is one of main parts of Polish Federation.


Polish Kingdom claims stretch from Oder river basin to modern Grodno, Belarus, and from southern Baltic coast to the borders of modern Silesian voivodeship. As they control over the administrative region of Silesia, they also claim modern voivodeships like Lubusz, Lower Silesia and western Greater Poland. They have claims on Bornholm island. As they are also a puppetmaster of Tasmania, they have rights to entire Tasmania island aswell. Poland controls only half of their claimed lands because of expansionist Austria and ongoing war between Europa Pact and The Federation. They border with Austria and West Galicia mainly.


Geography is as common as in the rest of Europe - highly urbanized plains dominate the nation. Region is almost fully controlled by towns, half of them being Polish. Small grief and general disorder are commonplace in this physical environment. Vistula flows this way, from the Baltic to modern Lesser Poland, artifically widened in Pomeranian-Kuyavian voivodeship and aswell in modern Warsaw. Strongly modified Oder river flows through Silesian administrative region all way up to modern Silesian voivodeship. Towns in this region are constantly falling down, creating ruins which are now tens of them, for example Bialystok, or German leftovers in western Poland.

Colonial empire aspirations

At its highest, Polish Kingdom managed to successfully control for months over modern Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, western Ukraine, and some islands, such as Gotland and Bornholm. Poland was an aspiring major power in Europe and a colonizator in 2019. They have attempted many failed long-lasting colonizations, in which only one of them succeeded.

Through the two years of existence, Polish Kingdom had control over those regions aswell:

  • Tasmania occupied parts of modern Victoria in Australia for only few days after it got retaken from colonizators.
  • After polish player called Dgzee made a little village in the Mongolian desert, he subjugated himself under the Polish banner until he has been kicked due to inactivity.
  • Bengal was a short-living town founded by jemenik, located in southern Bangladesh. He wanted to start his EarthMC career again but eventually failed.
  • Grytviken was city of mikzav formally subjugated to Polish Kingdom for the shortest time of 3 hours and 21 minutes due to their own financial problems with Germany.
  • In the end of 2018 polish colonizers settled on Iceland after POGKPP's gold donation but a colony failed after weeks.


Polish Kingdom's demography is extremely unstable and depends on activity factor. It all is dependent from mayor's activity and if he joined the server and started a demographic rise in his city. Most of invited people turn out to be one-day players, so population drops by more than half, month after mass invitations. As of Autumn 2021, queue hit zero positions, and now it's much more likely that activity rises. It's unknown if Polish demography will rise or not.

Poland suffered inactivity era from 2020 to nowadays, but in mid-2021 the general activity of mayors started to grow. Inactivity has been mainly caused by enormous queues happening at the server. Population count reached 20 people at its lowest. In the golden era of Polish Kingdom, an estimated population was 150 residents, where the large portion lived in the south. On the other side, their Tasmanian colony also experienced a population high of around 70 people.


Polish economy is insignificant. The capital Gdansk has only a few amateur shops, which are not visited by many foreigners and nothing can be bought there anymore as they're not maintained; some still have old sign shops. It is not trying to influence the world economy at all and is inactive. Polish government doesn't kickstart or develop any industries as well, no bigger trades are performed. Largest transactions include intertown donations from richer mayors to grow smaller towns, or buying rare items by mayors.


Polish political system is an absolute monarchy. Rulers cannot be other real nationality than Polish in order to become the successor. Poland has their own Royal Parliament which recruits the most trusted people in nation. They are manually selected by a king and they have some influence in ruling nation together with King. Sejm's members are Magnats (magnates or nobles) and Szlachcics (and they are low-level trusted people having their place in parliament). Chief of Staff (Marszałek) is a title made in mid-2020 reserved for the most loyal Parliament members which are capable of becoming Towny king instead of King itself. 3meraldK and 4Nek were only holders of this title since its creation. Now nobody holds the title but it will be chosen soon.


Kingdom's diplomacy is very limited due to an unification. Polish Federation plays the real role of a foreign body and Polish Kingdom is a part of the Federation.

List of government

  • Magnat Bajzyl of Wroclaw
  • Magnat Kieubasiarz of Zloty Stok
  • Szlachcic WarAndroid of Grunwald
  • Szlachcic UndoneArtist of Rzeszow

List of rulers

Username Period of time
MlecznySernik 9th of November 2018 - 30th of November 2018
xHyper20 30th of November 2018 - 1st of January 2019
MlecznySernik 1st of January 2019 - 26th of January 2019
xHyper20 26th of January 2019 - 27th of January 2019
MlecznySernik (Pomerania) 27th of January 2019 - 28th of March 2019
caro_b (Pomerania) 28th of March 2019 - 8th of April 2019
POGKPP 8th of April 2019 - 13th of April 2019
MlecznySernik 13th of April 2019 - 28th of April 2019
xHyper20 28th of April 2019 - 27th of May 2019
RealNek 30th of July 2020 - 11th of September 2021
POGKPP 27th of May 2019 - nowadays


Before Terra Nova

Polish players such as MlecznySernik, al803 and kacp222 played EarthMC Classic before the new edition. Mlecz has joined for the first time on 27th of October 2017 and joined Madrid outpost on Palau island governed by al803.

Day later, Sernik and kacp222 made Lwow, or Lviv, and they quickly became an annexation wargoal for both, Israel and Soviet Republic. Then a skirmish under Lviv began, after which both escaped on Palau and city has been bombed.

They eventually migrated on Peloponnese, Greece, and founded Patras. Soviet Republic invaded the city on 14th of November 2017, because "it was ugly". Defenders have won, and town has been renamed to Poland.

Foundation and basics of the state

MlecznySernik came up with the idea of establishing a fully prosperous Polish republic in August 2018, as Terra Nova was announced. He gathered his friends and planned his nation well, including xHyper20, al803, kacp222, panciast et cetera. He assigned his people to specific towns of Gdansk, Warsaw, Szczecin and Krakow.

First problems

First problems with establishing the state began in September 2018. It's because Poland bordered Germany on west, Great Moravian Empire on south, Lithuania and MinskanRus on east, and they all had their ways to divide Poland unknown for everyone at that moment. Nation creation was classified as it would help with less bothering problems later, for example enemies expanding rapidly. Also, Poland transformed into an absolute monarchy, Mlecz being King.

First polish rebellion, so-called "First Betrayal of Szczecin" started on 19th of September 2018. Three people decided to revolt against an absolute monarch to overthrow him. They were kacp222, panciast and Tymkowsky. Forunately for a dictator, someone reported their conspiracy, and all conspirators have been jailed/isolated in Szczecin.

First rumors

As of early October 2018 map of modern Poland was mostly claimed by foreign bodies because still the creation was a secret. Anyways in week or so, leaders were informed rumors - saying someone plans to establish Poland - by panciast, the enemy of MlecznySernik. On 11th of October 2018 the country was in danger as their intelligence digged up German documents saying towns will be planted in Polish soil. Former rebels were forgiven on 14th of October 2018 and they came back to Poland.

Beta tests

Beta tests launched weeks before Terra Nova release. Tymek_T, as the only polish player with an access, joined them and established Wroclaw, now being the oldest town in Poland. People outside couldn't wait for start and situation was tense.

Terra Nova launch

Poles rushed the server few hours after release and established towns rapidly, including important ones, Gdansk, Warszawa, Szczecin etc. They started a collection of gold, and in 9 days, they managed to save 512 ingots. People held celebrations in Gdansk, and Poland was founded on 9th of November 2018 by MlecznySernik.

Second betrayal of Szczecin

A second rebellion of this city has begun on 6th of November 2018, when Mogion, mayor of Bornholm, then Szczecin, decided to rebel against MlecznySernik and join Denmark. Later, Szczecin was already occupied by Polish forces, has rejoined and was enforced to pay 200 gold for treason which never happened. Since that time, Poland and Denmark were raiding eachother, but no war has been declared.

Duchy of Prussia

Duchy of Prussia has been created on somewhere in beginning of November 2018 by FenZenyatta, which very much hated MlecznySernik. This nation was an enemy to Polish Kingdom and existed for few months. Prussia was subjugated by Denmark until Prussia collapsed probably in beginning of April 2019.

Romanian-Polish War

On 18th of November 2018 at 15:50 GMT, Romanian soldiers, Pengun78 and 32Gold arrived at Danish town of Allenstein to kill its leader, because "he was toxic". Polish army consisting of Hacuspl, Snowyy4K and xHyper20 came to help him at 15:56 GMT, and, two minutes later FenZenyatta aided Allenstein. As the battle went on, 32Gold died numerous times while 32Pengun managed to stay alive for a long time through constant retreating at low health. After 40 minutes, at around 16:30, everyone retreated to resupply, but 32Gold suddenly appeared in Gdansk willing to combat. Eventually Poland won and people celebrated victory.

After defeat, heat1804, leader of Romanians, asked for peace willing to pay 15 gold ingots as war reparations but he didn't do this. In this situation, Polish Kingdom launched a counter-invasion towards Romania on 2nd of December 2018 in Bucharest. Casualties were huge and Poles won with a crushing advantage over Romania. Days later war died but nobody signed peace treaty.

The First Great Server War

On 22nd of December 2018, Great Moravian Empire issued an ultimatum to Poland demanding Kosice go to GME. The government declined their proposal resulting in a declaration of war. Invaders have been defeated under Kosice, and then Polish forces marched towards Prague, but Poles have been defeated in their capital. Then, Moravian allies marched west to Warsaw and later, tied after tough resistance of defenders. On 2nd of January 2019 Poland signed peace treaty in which Kosice had to rejoin GME.

Russian - Polish War

On 6th of January 2019, as Poles expanded eastwards, nation of MinskanRus made an ultimatum to Poland in which they demanded to give them town of Valston for 32 gold. Poland declined their proposal thus Russia has declared war on Poland. Russian troops attacked Bialystok on ninth of January 2019 where they succeeded to annex it. Tarnopol also betrayed Poland and left it. Few hours later, polish king convinced Bialystok to rejoin Poland. xHyper20 signed peace treaty with MinskanRus on 27th of January 2019 with one term being indefinitely long truce.

First Polish civil war

xHyper20 immidiately announced MlecznySernik the successor of him in the very end of 2018, after Sernik returned from his break. As the announced future ruler was hated by the national elites, Majoor_, kacp222, Snowyy4K etc., they angried on Hyper but he eventually rejected their requests. This caused they planning the upcoming revolution in which they planned to overthrow Mlecz's reign over Poland.

War breakout

Civil war officially broke out on 13th of January 2019 after Szczecin leaves Poland, following Bialystok and some other smaller insignificant Polish towns. Five days later, on 18th of January 2019, Polish State was founded in Bialystok, moving their capital instantly to Szczecin.


Suddenly on 21st of January 2019, a auswitzch-like nazi state in modern Auswitzch concentration camps, named Krakovia was founded.

End of war

On 26th of January 2019 Sernik abdicated from the throne for unknown reasons and passed the position to xHyper20 again. Surprisingly Hyper negotiated with revolutionaries, and disbanded Polish Kingdom day later, on 27th of January 2019. It officially ended the war as Gdansk joined Polish State and rebels have won entirely.

Pomeranian rebellion

MlecznySernik, enormously angried about what happened in the end of January 2019, contacted Hyper and convinced him to give back Mayor role. He then created Pomeranian state, rebelling from rebels' Poland.

Eventually Mlecz sold Pomerania for Danes on an unknown date, to be estimated in March 2019, because "he was alone and had no hope for Pomeranian bright future". Thus, Pomerania became Danish vassal under caro_b's mayorship.

Feudal Fragmentation

Next rebellion caused Poland to eventually break into three Towny states: Poland, rebellion which won the war and controlled almost whole Poland; Krakovia, one-town state which supported Poland secretly, and Pomerania, rebellion made by Mlecz. This all held up until Krakovia collapsed on an unknown date.

Collapse of new Poland

Collapsing of Poland started in March 2019 after Majoor held King elections in which there were two candidates: dymoslaw and Snowyy4K. Due to bribes and general corruption Snowyy won with double votes. Few days later he asked the people question which would lead to Poland's collapse.

It was if Poland should become a vassal of Denmark. Community was angried and unrest started to grow. It was a good moment for Intermarium to expand and half of towns joined them. Due to this Snowyy eventually betrayed Poles and sold Poland to Denmark for 1000 gold ingots. Poland became "Danish Province of Poland".

Restoration of Polish Kingdom

POGKPP, Szczecin's councillor then, left city and bought Gdansk from caro_b in beginning of April 2019 for some gold because Szczecin was Danish, along with half of Poland. Unknowingly to them, POGKPP planned to restore independent Poland. He started to reinvite Polish towns, and after few weeks, new, revived Poland came back to life. Pomerania has been renamed to Poland and Mlecz became king once again on 13th of April 2019.

Danish - Polish War

Danes didn't expect Poland to declare independence from Denmark, therefore they declared war to Poland. It was one of the most notable wars in Polish history. It lasted until Danish elite politicians escaped to Japan and abandoned their country, and it got annexed by Britain.

Polish colonialism

In the middle of April 2019 jemenik started playing EarthMC and his ambition was creation of some island in order to get subjugated by Polish Kingdom. He created Tasmanian colony some days after, and established Tasmania aswell.

Player called KARL sold Estonia to dymoslaw for 350 gold and Estonia temporarily became Polish vassal. Week later, the vassal declared independence.

Separation of Silesia

In April 2019 dymoslaw spied on Intermarium and made it collapse because he abused his chancellor permissions. For destroying the nation Mlecz promised him to give high positioned ranks in government, but he didn't do it. In May 2019 dymoslaw eventually decided to rebel against MlecznySernik on 18th of May 2019 and southern part seperated from Poland. Wroclaw and few towns on south left Poland and joined Silesia nation. It fell one month later and Wroclaw rejoined Polish Kingdom.

Roman - Polish Raids

Poland trying to expand eastwards looked for potential target places to settle and one of them was abandoned Kijow's ruins. In order to colonize Ukraine they sent PanGubernator and on 15th of June 2019. However this territory was claimed by Roman Empire, so they raided the city, and battle moved to Balti, which Poland tied. 15 days later war has ended and city had to be disbanded. Romans and Poles set a new mutual border in their treaty.

Illegal takeover of power

POGKPP was announced new King in May 2019 but xHyper20 held the power until his account has been erased. bartek50b took leadership above the capital and so the nation which he refused to give away to legitimate ruler. Finally three days after discussions bartek50b gave the role back to POGKPP and got jailed.

Skirmishes and occupations

Hungarian leader ciao000000 declared war on Poland for no reason on 16th of July 2019 and few days after he was defeated. Meanwhile, in German-Polish war, Kopanica was founded by _xFlyingEagle, laying mostly in today's Berlin, ruling over this town for few months until he decided to unclaim some parts of the city and eventually disband it which was, strategically a very bad move.

The Second Great Server War

Poland was in Entente since late 2019 thus it declared war together with Entente on Regional Powers on 24th of September 2019. Poland participated in battles under Lundegrunde, Budapest and Gdansk. Some time later war died and Poland left the alliance in February 2020. Polish territorial height was the greatest in this period of time. Poles owned most of modern west and central Belarus, but also Slovakia and West Ukraine.

Polish - Austrian War

Poland declared war on Austria on 30th of January 2020 because of territiorial conflicts in Czechoslovakia. They signed peace treaty just week later, ceding Czechia and east Slovakia to Austria as a result.

Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania

Polish Kingdom had ambitions to proclaim Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth but it failed. Zapadoslavia formed a personal union with Poland and that's really it. Ukraine, Belarus and Greater Armenia were theoretically parts of the Commonwealth but they didn't take it too seriously so Commonwealth didn't exist in fact.

Second German - Polish War

BamBamTheEggman issued an ultimatum to Poland demanding fixing Polish-German borders but they were ignored, therefore Germany declared war on Poland on 24th of April 2020. Austria and many allies soon sided Germany in this conflict. Many fights were fought but mainly German side was winning them. War ended somewhere in Fall 2020 because conflict died of inactivity.

Formation of European Empire

On 11th of July 2020 both governments of Polish Kingdom and Germany announced creation of European Empire, consisting of Poland, Germany and PLC. The meganation lasted one day and was disbanded, because, as Germany claims, it turned out that it was a "ploy to loot valuables and gold". From Polish side, German-Polish nation has been formed unironically and POGKPP called Germans "rebels".

Second Polish civil war

The civil war broke out again because of an unrest rising drastically in southern Poland, especially Kosice, Krakow and Lublin. An important Polish politician 3meraldK secretly planned the rebellion in companion of his people, Wolk__, UndoneArtist and _xFlyingEagle. West Galicia planned to be independent but Austria was a danger for them so they were theoretically enforced to be Austrian. Eventually war broke out in September 2020 following establishment of East Galicia.

Unification of Poland

Second Polish civil war finally ended after nearly 10 months of being divided into two Polish states. Both governments agreed to unify under completely new banner of completely changed federal system of Polish Federation.


Polish traditional architecture is limited to a not planned building style or sharing plots for citizens to allow them build custom houses, resulting in horribly-looking overall appearance. This can be seen in Polish Kingdom aswell, for example in Gdansk. Most of polish notable architecture objects are located in Kingdom of West Galicia but Polish ones include:

  • Dombrowa Gurnica; ancient polish "auschwitz-like" camp, restored in late 2021.
  • Ruins of Bialystok and Warsaw; complex of objects built in 2018 which are great examples of polish architecture.
  • Elblag city; An uncommon extremely dense complex of buildings made out of concrete.
  • Szczecinek and Szczecin; two old cities which have been rollbacked by its holders in 2019. Another great example of Polish building style, currently gone.
  • Wall of Gdansk; an enormous wall dividing its city square from residential area. It has been built intentionally for Polish first anniversary.


Name Mayor Chunks Population Founded
Gdansk POGKPP 273 42 2018.11.01
Poznan kacp222 42 1 2021.03.02
Slavowice Inspektor_Gadzyt 66 1 2018.12.30
Tarnopol KrisusQ 6 1 2020.08.28
Lodz ElectronicM17 33 1 2019.11.16
Zloty Stok Kieubasiarz 268 5 2019.11.30
Wroclaw Bajzyl 372 27 2018.10.28
Grunwald WarAndroid 116 1 2020.07.05
Rzeszow UndoneArtist 111 1 2020.05.12
Bialystok xlmrxddosboy 11 1 2021.02.19
Lechograd 4Nek 229 3 2019.11.26
Elblag wmgWojtek 172 2 2019.03.18
Biala Podlaska utube0305 55 1 2019.07.10
Brzesc teemo444 5 4 2021.08.15
Belchatow Gesiork 27 4 2021.07.15
Wyszogrod Summer_irys 14 1 2021.07.13
Eventide g3o_ 4 1 2021.09.02
Warszawa _KaszynPL 8 1 2021.07.266

Notable people

  • MlecznySernik, the establisher of polish nation. He managed to invite his friends to EarthMC and establish Polish nation.
  • POGKPP, current King of Poland. He managed to rule over 2 years and to bring many changes to Poland. He bought Gdansk from Danish occupators and reestablished new Polish state after Polish civil war.
  • 3meraldK, long-serving diplomat, which rebelled in September 2020 and reunified his nation in August 2021. He brought many changes to the state aswell.
  • xHyper20, former King of Poland. He rebelled from MlecznySernik in January 2019 and assisted in causing First Polish civil war.