Polish Kingdom
Kingdom of Poland
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of Polish Kingdom
National Information
Full Name Polish Kingdom
National Anthem Szara piechota
Name in Towny Poland
Motto "Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna"
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Capital City Flag of Gdańsk Gdańsk
Largest City Flag of Koszyce Kosice
Oldest City Flag of Gdańsk Gdańsk
Established Era29th November 2018
Government Information
Chancellors 3meraldK 3meraldK,
Inspektor Gadzyt Inspektor_Gadzyt,
Zuki19 Zuki19
Prime Minister
Political System Crown Absolute monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon Capitalism
Official Language Polish flag Polish

Jack1 English

Official Religion Catholic Catholic
Danzigism Danzigism
Army Size 15-20
Dominions Flag of Polish Tasmania Tasmania

Polish Gotland Gotland (oversea territory)

Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Mlecz Mlecz

Bartek50bbartek50b (proclaimed)

Past Capitals Flag of Warsaw City Warsaw

NOTE: The last update was on 13th of May 2020. Uptated informations of Zapadoslavia and TowTomislav. This small uptade was made by TowTomislav himself.

Polish Kingdom (pl. Królestwo Polskie) is a regional power located in Eastern Europe with the capital being Flag of Gdańsk Gdańsk. The Polish Kingdom is an official member and founder of Commonwealth Commonwealth. This old nation has been established on the 9th of November 2018 by Mlecz Mlecz and is one of the oldest on EarthMC Terra Nova. The Kingdom of Poland has one dominium, which is Flag of Polish Tasmania Tasmania and an oversea territory, Polish Gotland Gotland.


Since Polish Kingdom has established official borders with Austria Austria, Germany Germany, and Spqr Roman Empire, it has lands extending from Silesia to today's Lviv, and from the Baltic Sea to Slovakia. Generally, Polish terrain is flat and woody. Hilly terrain appears in the southern part. One main river is the Vistula. It's stretching from Gdańsk to West Slovakia.

Gotland island has been artificially increased by approximately 100%. Its terrain is flat, and forest is growing on the south - while Tasmania is hilly and ligneous.


Most of Polish citizens in the mainland are Polish flag Poles, but Tasmania is mainly inhabited by other nationalities. The largest clusters of people are located in the Flag of Małopolska Polish Kingdom Lesser Poland and Warmia. This is changing dynamically because a few months ago the people lived in SilesiaSilesia.



Commonwealth is a real union between 4 nations and their colonies. It can be divided in provinces (Province of Poland), kingdoms, duchies and colonies. All of colonies belong to Poland for this moment.

Polish Kingdom

This province is the largest one, the most populous, and the densest. The Polish Kingdom has claims to modern Poland, East Prussia, East Slovakia, and Eastern Borderlands. It was established in November 2018 and lives nowadays.

Overseas territories

For now, 4th April 2020, Poland has two overseas territories which are Tasmania and Gotland. Tasmania is a colony with a special dominium status, which means it can manage their all aspects of politics except of defense cases and foreign affairs. Tasmania has been founded by Polish colonist Jemenik jemenik in June 2019. Gotland island is a Polish territory located on the Baltic Sea, near Swedish land. It's ruled by Dawidek04122003 dawidek04122003, which is Pole. It joined at the beginning of April 2020.


the Polish political system is absolute monarchy which means King has absolute power in the nation and can manage everything.

He selects the members of Sejm - parliament. Sejm's members are Magnats and Szlachcics. Magnat is a chancellor of the nation while Szlachcic is nobility and has not much power as they both. Poland has no ministers but diplomats who are responsible for foreign affairs.

  • 3meraldK 3meraldK


Before Terra Nova


Mlecz joins EarthMC classic in October 2017 and lives with al803 (also old Polish player) on Palau island which was Madrid's outpost. On 28th October Lviv is being made by Mlecz and kacp222 but is also being fastly disbanded due to external problems with Soviet Union and Israel. Patras is being made on 29ththe of October 2017 in Penelopez, Greece, but Sovithe et Union attacks it on 14ththe of November 2017. Soviets were to win with a larger Polish army because of the fact they had better equipment, but Swedes came and defeated attackers.

Autumn 2018

In September 2018 MlecznySernik (also known as Mlecz) planned to establish a polish nation without broadcasting it globally. He sets a political system to democracy but changes it on 17th September 2017 to a monarchy.

September 2018

xHyper20, Ravi8888, Czerwonek15 and bartek50b have been selected for Magnats, so Chancellors. A day later 3 players decided to rebel against the King, but it has been discovered and he jailed them all. Mlecz was looking for desired players to make Poland together.

Bornholm Conflict

Shortly before the creation of Poland, one town called Bornholm rebelled against the government. Szczecin city also left Poland and they both joined Denmark, thus Poland declared war on Denmark. Sweden declared help for Poles and later they occupied Szczecin. Due to this situation, everything came to normal. Szczecin had to pay 200 gold ingots for a betrayal which were never paid.

November 2018

Poland as a rightful nation in Towny has been established on November 9, 2018, by MlecznySernik (currently Mlecz) during the celebration. Many poles have met (e.g. al803, Snowyy, POGKPP ,and other polish elites) in the capital - Gdańsk, and sang an anthem together. The invitation to polish towns began.

Battle of Allenstein

On 18th of November the Polish Army consisting of a few soldiers arrived in Allenstein at 4 PM CET. Two minutes after, then Danish Army went to help the Polish Army. As the battle went on, 32Gold died many times to the Polish-Danish forces while Pengun78 managed to stay alive for a long time through retreating when being at low health.

Battle of Gdansk

After 40 minutes of fighting in Allenstein, many soldiers went back to their towns to resupply. Suddenly 32Gold appeared in the Polish capital, Gdańsk and he called in every Pole to fight him there. Polish side ended up with most victories and after 20 minutes, the battle ended.

Union with Baltoslavia

In November 2018 Poland tried to sign a union with MinskanRus but finally, it ended in failure and unification never happened.

Polish-Romanian War

Romanians have provoked Poles to war by attacking Gdańsk on the 18th of November 2018 with 32gold at the Romanian Army's head. Romanian leader, heat1804, asked for a peace. 15 gold ingots should be paid as a war reparations, but weren't. In this situation, Polish government decided to invade Bucharest on 2nd of December 2018. Casualties were big and Battle at Bucharest was one of the biggest battles in the history - Poles won with a crushing advantage over Romania.

December 2018

On 30th of November 2018 the King has abdicated and gave the power for xHyper20.

The First Great Server War

On 22nd of December 2018 a nation of Great Moravian Empire has demanded Kosice's comeback to Slovakia's part of GME. Polish Government declined that proposal and due to this fact Moravia declared war. Moravians lost in the battle of Kosice after minutes of fighting and then a bunch of Polish soldiers marched toward Prague, but Poles have been defeated despite a numerical advantage. Then a coalition of Moravian allies marched east to Warsaw city. After a tough resistance of defenders, battle has ended and Moravians have lost again. On 2nd of January 2019 a peace was signed.

January 2019

Mlecz gains power again on 1st of January 2019 as he comes back from his break.

Polish - MinskanRus War

On the 6th of January 2019 a nation of MinskanRus has demanded to give them the town of Valston again. Poland has declined its proposal again thus Russia declared war. The peace treaty between both sides has never been signed, but MinskanRus has collapsed so it can be recognized as an ended war.

Russian troops attacked Białystok on 9th of January 2019, and after a short battle they conquer it. Tarnopol town betrays Poland and leaves it. Few hours later polish king convinces Białystok successfully to rejoin Poland.

Szczecin leaves Poland on 13th January 2019.

Polish Civil War

Article about Polish State: Information Visit main article: Polish State

Polish Civil War broke out because of deletion of Poland by xHyper20 which was taken as an act of betrayal. One hour later Mlecz has talked with xHyper20 and took power in Gdańsk. He established Pomerania state. Majoor_ established Polish State with the capital being Szczecin. They both express hostile relations with each other, as one of them would like to gain power in Poland. Polish State was a quite stronger while Pomerania was young and weakened nation.

April 2019

In the beginning of April 2019 a councilor of Szczecin city called POGKPP has bought Gdańsk town (which was capital of Pomerania). Due to rebel state's fall, many Polish towns rejoined Pomerania and towny nation's name is changed to Poland. Mlecz took the throne again on the 13th of April 2019.

Denmark didn't except an escape of Polish towns to Pomerania, therefore they declared war.

Battle of Mazovia (29.04.2019)

That battle had place on the 29th of April 2019 in Mazovian region, in Warsaw city. Poles started to call their allies, and then a battle started. About 20 soldiers participated in it. Danes won their offensive invasion.

Polish colonialism

Poles did not plan colonial expansion, but this idea was born with the arrival of a new player on the server, which was jemenik. After a few days of sitting in Kosice he went to Tasmania island and made a new colony under Polish control.

Vassalisation of Estonia

Player called KARL sold Estonia to dymoslaw for 350 gold ingots and Estonia became a Polish vassal. KARL sold Estonia to Dymoslaw for 350g, and Estonia became Polish vassal and change name to Polish Estonia.

Separation of Silesia (18th May 2019)

Silesian region in Poland, so then it was Wrocław town, betrayed Poles and scammed a Polish ruler for 400 gold ingots. Dymoslaw escaped a nation and made a new one, called Silesia with his friends. It fell like one month later and Wrocław is now in Polish Kingdom.

Polish Tasmania (June 2019)

Nation of Polish Tasmania has been founded on second of June 2019 by jemenik. It was the first Polish colonial success. Anyway, Poles didn't plan to colonize any other lands. It lives until today but has another leader.

Roman-Polish War (15th June 2019)

War cause was a polish annexation of Kiev town, where Great Roman Empire is claiming its territory. War lasted 15 days and a treaty was signed. Kiev had to be disbanded. The one biggest battle had a place in Balti.

Illegal takeover of power by bartek50b (18th June 2019)

bartek50b became a King of Polish Kingdom due to inactivity of previous polish King. He did not want to give up this title, so the Marshal of the Polish army announced an invasion of Warsaw. The title of King was given to the right person three days after the incident, and the traitor was thrown into the dungeons.

July 2019 - August 2019

This epoch of polish history is called "Inactivity Era". Most players weren't active and population of the nation fell down by 50%. Hungarian leader, ciao000000 declares war on Poland on the 16th of July 2019. Poland won this battle with a crushing advantage. Polish player called Korwin574 (today is known as _xFlyingEagle) becomes a Szlachcic and a mayor of Kopanica.

September 2019

Gdańsk becomes new capital of Poland after a fall of Warsaw.

The Second Great Server War

Information Visit main article: The Second Great Server War This war definitely becomes the largest war in whole history of EarthMC existing. Poland took a part being in Allied Powers, due to Polish existing in Entente alliance. Polish Government declares war to Norway on 24th of September 2019.

October 2019

In this month Gdańsk is being developed because of the incoming anniversary of Poland. Poland has participated in three big battles:

  • Battle of Gdańsk
  • Battle of Lundegrunde
  • Battle of Budapest

Also, it is also said in this month Polish territory was the biggest ever. Grodno joins Poland but it rejoins Ukraine few days later. On 11th of October 2019 with a cooperation with the Austrian (German Reich) government and makes The First Incursion. Its purpose is to collect all powers together and plan an enormous invasion on Norway.

Battle of Lundegrunde

Battle has started at 22:00 GMT+1 in West Lundegrunde in forest. Allied Powers collected ~15 soldiers when Pro-Norwegian Powers had like 7.

After one hour Allied Powers have announced a defeat. Invasion on Norway was a failure but there were plans to make a Second Incursion.

November 2019

An anniversary took place in Gdańsk on 9th of November 2019. More than 40 people were participating, including VIPs like 32Pengun and other leaders.

January 2020

Information Visit main article: Polish-Austrian War Poland declared war to Austria on 30th January 2020 because of territorial conflict.

February 2020

Poland leaves Entente on 9th of February. Also, Polish Government signs a peace treaty with Austria and ends Polish-Austrian War. Zapadoslavia has been established by TowTomislav on 17th February 2020 and it merged with Poland into a personal union. Two days after (on 19th February), TowTomislav was banned because he destroyed a part of nether ice road on January 2020. 42 days later Zombie22PL take a leadership of Zapadoslavia.

March 2020

Unification of Commonwealth takes place but it ends with a failure. Ukraine joins Commonwealth.

April 2020

Unification of Commonwealth takes place again. Gotland joins Poland as a oversea territory. Zapadoslavia breaks the union with Poland at the beginning of April but it's still in Commonwealth as a duchy. Taxes has been ultimately eliminated. And the second conflict between the nations of Poland and Austria has started.

Population Era

In the beginning of April 2020, Poland has undergone many reforms, borders, and peace with the majority of nations were made, but population were still dropping down. In this case, Kosice's mayor has started to invite as many townless as he could, anyway it still was dropping until today, 20th of April 2020 when it stopped and there's hope for more people.

The Polish Great Conflict

Germany has declared war first to Poland due to their refused ultimatum. A few days later, many neighbors like Austria, Switzerland, and Spain  also have declared an aid to the Germans.

Battle of Dortmund

It has started on 26th April 2020 at 6 PM GMT, when a Polish army consisting of 6-7 soldiers came to Cologne and started to siege this city. Due to this situation, the German Chancellor called Germans to fight in there. A few of them came and started to fight. After 10 minutes, more of German allies aided them. Battle has ended with a polish defeat.

Battle of Levica and Zilina

It started on 29th April 2020 when RaddiPL was attacking an Austrian city, Levica. Polish Marshal called every soldier to fight, then came. Battle moved to Zilina and 2 Tasmanian soldiers aided the Polish side whilst one additional soldier aided Austrian. Battle has been won by Polish side.

Battle of Elbląg

Happened at an evening on 29th April 2020 after a siege of Gdańsk. wmgWojtek spotted PokeMaster01 traveling through Masuria. Due to that fact he called his friends and started to fight. 3 Germans came later. A battle started and after a thirty minutes of fight, it was won by Poles. 


Polish military is known as Wojsko Polskie and it's an organization of well-trained soldiers. They are required to supply their own equipment. Wojsko Polskie is tasked with the defense of the nation in case of aggressive behavior of neighbor or any other country - but also is protecting citizens. Poland is in no alliance for this moment and has few allies. Soldiers are obeying to Generals, Marshal, and King. Marszałek, so Marshal is a person selected by the King and he's the right hand of him.

  • 3meraldK 3meraldK is current Polish Marshal.


Christianity as a normal, real Christianity is the main religion in Poland but some Poles are believing in Danzigism St. Danzig HD Mapper.


One of the proofs Danzig HD Mapper exists is he entered the server before its start and built an infinitely long dirt wall with signs on it describing every mistake made on a map. Fix Fix was very surprised he joined it despite the fact he turned on whitelist. He was also about to ban him but he couldn't because of Danzig's power.

Slavic religions

A pagan religion that has been in Poland before its Christianity and occurs on Gotland territory, first embraced by Dawidek04122003 dawidek04122003 on his island. Now it is only seen in this province.

Foreign Affairs




Notable people

  • Mlecz, the establisher of polish nation.
  • POGKPP, current King is ruling for almost one year (since May 2019) and is active.
  • xHyper20, a previous leader of Poland.
  • Snowyy, previous king of Polish revolutionary state and Soldier of Polish Army. Now is in Niger nation.
  • TowTomislav, a creator of Zapadoslavia. He was banned on 19th February 2020, 2 days after creating Zapadoslavia, because he destroyed a part of nether ice road on January 2020.
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