Polish State

Polish State
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Coat of Arms
Polish State Map.png
Poland is Polish State territory, drawn on 20th of March 2019.
National Information
Full Name Polish State
National Anthem Rota
Name in Towny Poland
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Capital City Szczecin
Largest City Szczecin
Oldest City
Established 18th of January 2019
Disbanded April 2019
Government Information
Leader Snowyy4K (before collapse)
Chancellors Zuki19 (diarchy epoch)

Majoor_, kacp222 (diarchy epoch)

Prime Minister
Political System Absolute diarchy/monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Polish
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of Denmark (before collapse)
Historical Information
Past Leaders Several leaders including notable ones:
  • Majoor_
  • kacp222
Past Capitals Bialystok

Polish State was a nation established on 18th January 2019 by rebels from towns of Szczecin, Poznan, Brzesc, Biala Podlaska, and Bialystok and is a part of First Polish Civil War. It was formed as a competition against Mlecz, who was portrayed as a dictator and too authoritarian king. Rebellion happened two weeks after predecessor's retirement, xHyper20, and an announcement about his successor, Mlecz. Poles who rebelled against Mlecz wanted to overthrow him since the beginning and it was their third (final) trial. The reason was that they wanted the country to be more democratic. This rebel nation eventually won the war on 27th of January 2019 after Gdansk, capital of Polish Kingdom, joined Polish State. This Poland existed until April of 2019 when Snowyy4K sold Szczecin and Polish State for Danes for 1000 gold.


Revolutionists were making a huge propaganda against Mlecz such as blaming him for a defensive war with MinskanRus, despite the fact he asked them about their opinion before and they wanted to defend polish towns from MinskanRus as well. They were also calling him a dictator despite the fact after his reforms, his nation was even more democratic than their.


xHyper20's abdication

In the end of December of 2018, xHyper20 announced that he will be abdicating and new ruler of Polish Kingdom will be Mlecz. Mlecz was more authoritarian than xHyper20 and people started to disslike him. A few poles were trying to ovethrow Mlecz since the beginning. Members of so-called parliament, kacp222 and Majoor_ along with their friends like panciast, Ravi8888 and POGKPP started to a plan a rebellion.

Planning a rebel nation

There were many tough discussions in rebellion group chat, how would they organise Polish State. Position and priviliges of an unit mostly depended on an amount of fundation and effort put into creation of the state - the higher it was, more stuff player gets. In the aftermath, Szczecin became a capital, kacp222 and Majoor_ became both kings and some people got high ranks in the nation.

First Polish civil war

Szczecin left Poland on 13th of January 2019, then Bialystok and other allied towns did same hours and days later. Five days later there were several rebel towns which dominated Polish Kingdom and Majoor_ established Polish State, and rebels instantly joined new country.

Expansion and end of the war

The new rebel nation quickly expanded over Poland and had most of Polish cities in their hands, including most influential and biggest ones, such as Szczecin, Wroclaw and Bialystok. Only Gdansk, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Szczecinek and a few smaller towns remained in Mlecz's Poland. It was clear that the rebellion win will the war soon. War ended on 27th of January 2019 when Mlecz abdicated one day earlier and gave mayorship over Gdansk to Hyper. He negotiated with rebels and soon Gdansk joined rebellion state, ending civil war for good.

Rebellion of the overthrown

Mlecz outraged by this situation quickly contacted xHyper20 and somehow convinced him to give Gdansk back, then he, hours after the war's end, left new Polish state and created Pomerania with capital being Gdansk. This rebel would lose the war and collapse three months later.

Collapse of new Poland

Leaders of Polish State, kacp222 and Majoor_ quarreled with eachother over having not only power in Poland but over many aspects, and eventually Majoor_ decided to abolish diarchy and implement an absolute monarchy on 13th of March 2019. He kicked kacp222 from King's position illegitimately and people were annoyed by this situation. But few days later Majoor was disappointed with situation in Polish State so he would abdicate and pass throne to someone else. He chose that it would run as elections between two candidates, both famous and important in Polish State - Snowyy4K and dymoslaw, both mayors of two biggest towns in Poland. A vote began on 18th of March 2019, and at the end of voting, Snowyy4K won with double votes, probably because of bribing and corruption during elections.

The state began to collapse right after selection, because dymoslaw started to bribe people into joining Intermarium, as he didn't accept his loss and would be promised to rule over new planned region of Intermarium, Poland, but it all went slowly, and the collapse of Poland advanced after the new King posted a highly controversial poll, probably on 23rd of March 2019, if Poland should become Danish vassal because he thought that Poland "anyway would go into more crises". Players were angered and were leaving Poland. Few days later, in very end of March of 2019, Snowyy disappointed by this situation eventually sold Poland to Denmark for 1000 gold ingots and it's a date when Poland collapsed.


With several Polish towns rejoining Pomerania or Intermarium, Denmark didn't want that therefore they declared war on Pomerania. It's unknown what happened to Polish State but probably this nation was disbanded months later.

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