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5th of November 2021
Polish flag.png
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Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of West Galicia.png
Polish State Map.png
Pomerania is colored with lime color. Map from 20th of March 2019
National Information
Full Name Pomerania
National Anthem
Name in Towny Pomerania
/n list page
Capital City Emblem of Gdańsk.png Gdansk
Largest City Emblem of Gdańsk.png Gdansk
Oldest City Emblem of Gdańsk.png Gdansk
Established 27th of January 2019
Disbanded de facto 13th of April 2019
Government Information
Leader Mlecz (founder)


Prime Minister
Political System Absolute monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Polish
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Pomerania was a rebel state of Gdansk city which has been established by Mlecz after his friend xHyper20 disbanded the nation of Poland and managed Gdansk to join Polish State. This nation lasted independent since he sold Pomerania to Danes somewhere in March 2019. This nation is a predecessor to today's Towny nation of Poland, as after Polish State began to collapse, POGKPP bought Gdansk from Denmark and revived new Polish Kingdom. State was de-facto disbanded on 13th of April 2019 when POGKPP renamed Pomerania to Poland.


Selling of Pomerania

Mlecz was dissapointed about situation happening in Poland, because month after he created Pomerania he didn't succeed to reconquer his nation where he was overthrown. Also he was the only active player in his town which was boring. He decided to sell Pomerania and Gdansk to Denmark for an unknown amount of gold. caro_b became mayor of Gdansk, and this one-town nation became vassal of Denmark.

Rebuying Gdansk

POGKPP, then councillor of Szczecin, came with an offer of repurchasing Gdansk back for approximately 300 gold ingots. After some discussions, Danes accepted his offer and Gdansk was in POGKPP's hands.

Fall of Pomerania and revival of Poland

In this very hard situation Polish people were divided on atleast three sides; Mlecz supporters, Polish State supporters and neutral mayors. Poland now was an easy target for neighbors like Germany or Intermarium. Without any reaction, Poland would get divided soon once again. POGKPP actually had to convince them all to rejoin new Poland and he somehow did it. In the beginning of April of 2019, most Polish towns were in new Polish state. POGKPP promised new reforms but he put Sernik again on the throne which also annoyed people, especially Polish State supporters, but they didn't trigger another civil war and lived in peace. On 13th of April 2019 Pomerania collapsed and transformed into Polish Kingdom.