Porlamar was a small coastal town near Carúpano and Caribe Bay the town's roads are made of Cobblestone and Green Concrete and it links to a few other towns. It was the second town to be part of the Patapolis province in the Trinidad and Tobago empire.


As of 18/05/2019, The_Cactus_Man created a holy site for Puroism, thus beginning it's presence on the world.



Porlamar was created by the player King_Sahar, but after a while, King_Sahar gave it to The_Cactus_Man to create a new town, Dominicas. The_Cactus_Man left Patapolis and became Porlamar's new mayor.

The Fall of Porlamar

On 29th August 2019 after a month of no activity Porlamar fell into ruins.

Annexation of Porlamar

After the town fell the area Porlamar occupied was divided up between Caribe Bay, which annexed the western side and Carúpano which annexed the eastern side.


The bridge inbetween the main island and the mainland and the holy site of Puroism.

Notable People

Below are notable people in the town's history and culture:

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