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* Heyloki
* Heyloki
* Vorobyevite
* Vorobyevite
* thebigjeff2111
* BigjeffQT
* LawofRence
* LawofRence
* Sturburst
* Sturburst

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Overview Edit

The town of Port Angeles is a hamlet located on the Olympia Peninsula. It is part of the nation of Cascadia and has historically been a part of the Capital Province for the entirety of its existence. Its downtown neighborhood features year-old buildings and a functioning lighthouse.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Port Angeles was founded on January 31, 2019, by Code456.

After most of the members quit due to Code's increasingly aggressive behavior, Code456 became furious and left the town. With nobody in the town to retain the mayorship, it slowly degraded and fell into ruin on April 3, 2019.

Classical History Edit

Port Angeles was refounded by Estonian_Mapping on July 18, 2019, claiming the preexisting buildings left behind by Code456. The town expanded across the North Shore, toward Snohomish. The town adopted a medieval style of building. The town slowly grew in population as well, and with the help of citizens such as Furballen, Heyloki, and Vorobyevite, the town thrived.

Modern History Edit

The Historical district slowly grew over the course of four months, after the refounding under Estonian_Mapping. The Modern district was created South of the Historical district, providing much more land for new players. More and more players began to join Port Angeles, thanks in part of Estonian_Mapping's hard work on the recruitment discord, and the town soon after exploded in size.

Vorobyevite made a councilor system that mimicked the Cascadian cabinet. Vorobyevite soon left to found the nation of Wenatchee, and left the mayorship to Furballen. The town continued to thrive, but it slowly declined in population, especially when Furballen became busier and handed mayorship to thebigjeff2111. The population slowly fell to 1 person, until LawofRence volunteered to take the town.

Notable People Edit

  • Code456
  • Hack3rMann
  • Estonian_Mapping
  • Furballen
  • Heyloki
  • Vorobyevite
  • BigjeffQT
  • LawofRence
  • Sturburst
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