Port Cooper

Port Cooper was a town, place in the Caribbean, in the real life British Virgin Islands. It was ruled by the player craysamuel under the control of the nation Trinidad and Tobago. It had 41 chunks and 10 residents, as for 26.05.2019.


The town of Port Cooper was placed on an archipelago of British Virgin Islands in the Caribbeans and it is part of British Trinidad, a province in Trinidad and Tobago. The four islands are connected by bridges.l. A railroad and a ice road were built leading to another Trinish town called Elizabeth Bay, which connects the towns of British Trinidad. When xPadpai was the governor of the province and a Chancellor of the Nation, the town was the capital of British Trinidad.


The borders of Port Cooper - as of 8.05.2019


Port Cooper was created at the day of 11th of April 2019 under the initiative of xPadpai and Adaster54, the king of Trinidad and Tobago.

The town has been taken over by craysamuel in May, since xPadpai went to create Reykjavik and later the nation of Iceland as a colony of the nation Trinidad and Tobago, later taking over the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago itself.

At the 29th of June, craysamuel tranfered the town to blue_boy, the current Mayor of Tonga (Samoa), who would lead it until somewhere of November and late Februar, later returning the town to craysamuel, origanally just temporalily until a replacement would be found.

Through inactivity and the lack of an alternativ mayor, the town later disbanded in between of March and April.

Buildings and Structures

  • Many bridges leading to other surrounding islands
  • A tall lighthouse
  • Underground ice road and railroad to Elizabeth Bay
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