Port-Howard is a town and soon to be capital of the future nation that will be located in the Falkland Islands, which lies in the South Atlantic. Most notable is the town's direct conflict with Argentina who seeks to take over the islands and kick any other town off. They are particularly angry at the presence of the British mayor, Joel02.

Falklands war/conflict

Note: I will be recruiting once everything is built, this is a long term project.


Many things have been removed as a part of mass renovations and space optimization within the town, it is not recommended to visit just yet! - Ty, Joel02.

  • Massive clock tower - Tallest structure at 145 blocks above sea level.
  • Observation towers trenches and other defensive structures (planned).
  • Joel's Shop
  • 2 fancy houses inspired by station road in EarthMC Dublin (Joel02 once lived there).
  • 2 semi-detached 1930s style British Houses - One of which is the Mayor's official residence.


Direct democracy in which all citizens will be freely allowed to convene at the Falklands parliament to discuss and debate local issues with the government. The government will be picked by the mayor, however, there will be maximum transparency and a way to remove any government member from office.
2020-06-28 02.42.51

The town before renovations.

A constitution will be written shortly.


June 22nd

  • Joel02 creates 'Free Falklands'.

June 23rd

  • Free Falklands joins Patagonia.
  • Joel02 finishes the landmark clock tower.

June 24th

  • Local area flattened for building on.

June 25th

  • The town is renamed to 'Falkland-Islands'.

June 26th

  • Falklands adopts the British joint forces military flag Link to flag

June 27th

  • Joel02 finishes claiming chunks for the town.
  • The town leaves Patagonia with immediate effect.

June 28th

  • At 00:31 BST, Svalbard and the Falkland Islands agree to become strong future allies.
  • Falklands obtained its first sheep.
  • The town is renamed from Falkland-Islands to FalklandRepublic

June 29th

  • Joel02 comes up with a defensive plan for the town for when Argentinians arrive.
  • Some top-secret defensive features are installed.

June 30th

  • The new cold war begins with Argentina. The town of 'Malvinas' is founded as a deliberate attempt to retake the islands.

July 1st

  • All the roads in the city centre are complete and many places are demolished as a part of a plan to optimize space better.
  • Construction begins on the new houses for future residents, secret defensive features are installed within each home.

July 2nd

  • Two massive hills are dismantled by Joel02 so he can optimize the space better.

July 3rd

  • Massive Stone observation towers and stone walls put in place as apart of Joel02's defensive plan. Near impossible to get inside the town by simply jumping in.
  • The town is finally renamed to its real-life location which is Port-Howard. Port Stanley is the real-life capital, however, that's on East-Falkland. There will be no more name changes, Port-Howard is the real-life (location wise) and final name.
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