Port Moresby


Port Moresby is a town located on the island of Papua and is part of Micronesia. It is also the sprawling trading capitial of Micronesia.


The people of Port Moresby look down on the destruction of the enviroment especialy that of Papua. Cutting down trees on the island is looked down apon and most get wood from near by islands.


Before Port Mobsby

ElectricEel started off as a citizen in the village if Tengah, Malaysia. ElectricEel lived there until he collected enough gold to start a city. He traveled to the island of Papua and loved its enviroment. ElectricEel even found ruins on the island. The ruins became the base work for the first buildings of Port Moresby. He decided to create the city of Port Moresby as a take of the real life city of Port Moresby. Port Moresby was established on November 30, 2018.

Early Age

ElectricEel built up the ruins of Port Moresby into grand buildings. The two first buildings which were built from the ruins became the Town Hall of Port Moresby and ElectricEel’s House. After a few days Port Moresby was recruited into the growing Solomon Empire. Houses were built to allow citizens to live in the city along with monuments, staues and mines.

Silver Age

Port Moresby began to become a powerful port city. Port Moresby also began the massive project of the Poreporena Villages, ocean front, floating houses. The Poreporena Villages where actually built from a ruin which was believed to be a dock. It was expanded to become the Poreporena Villages. On December 30, 2018 the Micronesian Succession began where half of all Solomon cities declared independence and created their own country. Solomon Empire saw its decline and on December 31, 2018, Port Moresby joined the growing state of Micronesia. Port Moresby was actually called Port Mobsby until January 3, 2019 when it was renamed to Port Moresby. On Janurary 4, 2019, Port Moresby was raided by IanSpace as as a planned attack against Micronesia. Port Moresby defeated IanSpace. Currently many projects are under construction such as the Vision City Megamall and The Papuanist Shrine of Port Moresby


-PPA (Papuan Protection Agency)

-Port Moresby Trade Company

-Port Moresby Tourism Department

-Future City Mall of Port Moresby

Notable Buildings

-Port Moresby Town Hall/Museum

-Future City Megamall of Port Moresby

-Statue of Moji

-Port Moresby Docks

-Papua Manor

Notable People

-ElectricEel (Mayor)

-HybridHyena (Co-Mayor)

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