Port RoyalEdit

Port Royal is a trading town on the south side of Jamaica. It was founded on the 1st of November, 2018, by Edejs. To the east there is a Wheat, Carrot, and Potato farm, and to the west, a dock, where a sloop is anchored.


The founder was of the first to arrive at the island, after leaving from western North America. Before the town was founded, a small fort was made in the eastern mountains along side a gold mine. The town would be founded later that day, and the first building was made. Trade later opened as the tavern was made, as well as a dock.

Buildings Edit

In town square, there are several buildings, the first built among them being the Royal Anchor Tavern. Other buildings within the main area consist of a small shack, market, and the first Spudhist church on the server. West of Town Square is a dock and a ship, and east along the road is a blacksmith, residency, and storage shed for the farm. North of the town is Fort Aplia, and to the east the base for the planned Fort Charles sits.

Notable People Edit