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Portugal, officially the Province of Portugal (Portuguese, Spanish: Provincia de Portugal) is a nation based in the Iberian Peninsula, serving as an autonomous province of Spain. The nation of Portugal consists of 1 town, Douro, which also serves as its capital city.


Before the Iberian War

Spain and Portugal were both in a defensive alliance called the Iberian Pact to protect Iberia from future enemy threats. The friendship between the 2 countries grew to the point where Portugal decided to support Spain and the Triumvirate during the Second Great War.

Everything seemed fine until a Portuguese citizen decided to make a town in southern Galicia, a Spanish region. This town was past the border between Portugal and Spain. At first, the town joined Spain, but on the 3rd of November, he decided to leave and join Portugal. Spain did not tolerate this as Portugal was now holding lands in Galicia, breaking their previously agreed on border treaty.

Iberian Referendum

On the 23rd of March 2019, Pengun78, the King of Spain, delivered a message to iDa3m0n, offering a personal union with the Kingdom of Portugal and thus forming the nation of Iberia.

iDa3m0n decided to allow the citizens of Portugal to vote on this matter, with Pengun78 doing the same for all Spanish citizens.

On the 27th of March 2019, the people of Portugal decided to remain as a sovereign nation, with 5 Citizens voting Nay and 2 Citizens voting Yea. After this, iDa3m0n stated that Portugal would remain close allies with Spain, despite voting to remain as an independent nation.

Portugal refused to remove the town and proposed a new rectangular border, which was declined by Spain. In response to the Portuguese town, Spain planted a town in the middle of Portugal. That day ended up with a small battle between the 2 nations at the Spanish planted town, with a Spanish victory. 2 days later Spain sent a final ultimatum demanding the Portuguese to withdraw and restore its former border with Spain. Portugal put out a referendum to its citizens and most of them voted to stay 'strong and not give up'. Spain saw this and officially declared war on Portugal on November 6th, 2019.

The war between Portugal and Spain

The German Empire and the Regional Powers, already enemies of Spain, announced their support for Portugal in the war, but only received some support from the Regional Powers. Throughout the war many battles were fought across the peninsula, one of the first ones being the Battle of Abrantes. Since then, the 1 chunk towns planted around Spain from Portugal slowly started falling to the point where they all fell and the war turned to the defensive position against them. Popular opinions about Portugal also went down as it was declared a rebel nation in the anti-rebel pact of Britain, France, Spain, and the GRE. The Portuguese king has since then sued for peace demanding the original borders to be restored.

The War AfterMath

After the fall of Coimbra on August 18, 2020, and with almost the entire territory of Portugal now occupied by Spain, Spain's victory was certain, even without the due recognition of the king of that time VegetaPT.

On January 16, 2021, Portugal joined Spain as a province, putting an end to the conflict.

The end of Portugal

On March 10, 2021, the Spanish mayor of Porto (also serving as Spanish prime minister) scammed the Portuguese king into giving his nation. Armamar and Portugal were now directly in Spanish hands, and Portugal was planned to be moved to an ocean town. King polystation4 went into exile to the Brazilian Republic.


The only city in Portugal is Douro.

Main Constructions


Name City Building Date Constructor
Monument to Lanorro in Lusitania.png

Monument to Lanorro




Interior of the Church of Armamar.png
Armamar Church.png

Armamar Church


April 2020


House of the Mayor of Armamar.png

House of the Mayor of Armamar (Polystation4)


February 2020


Armamar Bank.png

Armamar Bank


March 2020


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