Portugal, officially the Kingdom of Portugal, is a nation based in the Iberian Peninsula, which shares a peninsula with Spain.

The nation of Portugal consists of 4 towns Coimbra, Lisbon, Armamar and Lusitania. Some of these cities share a connected metro system, allowing them to participate in a fluent and beneficial trade.

Iberian Referendum

On the 23rd of March 2019, Pengun78, the King of Spain, delivered a message to iDa3m0n, offering a personal union with the Kingdom of Portugal and thus forming the nation of Iberia.

iDa3m0n decided to allow the citizens of Portugal to vote on this matter, with Pengun78 doing the same for all Spanish citizens.

On the 27th of March 2019, the people of Portugal decided to remain as a sovereign nation, with 5 Citizens voting Nay and 2 Citizens voting Yea. After this, iDa3m0n stated that Portugal would remain close allies with Spain, despite voting to remain as an independent nation.


Several cities have already been part of Portugal, but the majority no longer exist due to inactivity such as Faro, Porto (Portugal), Viana do Castelo among others.

The largest city was until April 15, 2020 Faro, which on that day was dissolved due to inactivity, nowadays Coimbra is the largest city with 97 plots of area.

The oldest city is the capital Coimbra.

The newest and smallest city is Armamar with 12 plots of area.

Current state

Portugal is going through a wave of inactivity. A large number of Portuguese towns have fallen, such as Porto (now a Spanish town), Lisbon (recreated by a Portuguese citizen), Evora, Faro and Tomar. The only towns left are being held strong by inactive mayors, only coming online every 40 days so their towns don't fall.

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