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YTmanCzech (formerly Protiva1997) is player who is the mayor of the prosperous city of Chekhograd, a member of the Siberian Army, the Navy and Siberia itself. He was mayor of Krasnojarsk, but this town felt into ruin because of his zero activity which was done by his personal and school issues.

YTmanCzech 29.03.2019


The Beginning

The famous, harsh but beautiful journey of our Communist began near today's IRL Dakar, near the jungle and continued to circumnavigate Cape of Good Hope, passing through Somalia and Madagascar, this ship's expedition ends somewhere in Iran, from there on foot YTmanCzech went to Ural, asked for a place in Siberian Katyryk, YTmanCzech got items, house and a place to trade and develop his intentions.

Creating of Krasnojarsk

Tuesday 26th of March 2019,YTmanCzech bought a Tunguska, a town in the south of Siberia, a place of real Krasnoyarsk from Ysatac, the city was under Siberia, so for a symbolic 28 gold, he bought YTmanCzech Tunguska, renamed it Krasnojarsk, the city was bought because Ysatace wanted to build his nation on Kamchatka (now own Kamchatka and Petropavlovsk.


30th of January 2020, YTmanCzech (newly nicked Protiva1997) came back to the server, met Jelda7 and created Chekhograd.

Now is it prosperous town with 6 citizens and truly good economical situation