The nation of Prussia has long and somewhat confusing history. Today, Prussia strives to become a strong European power and spread its influence throughout all of Europe. Prussia is a kingdom and part of the German Empire, led by Wilhelm II. 


Early History 


In mid-november, some polish citizens started to dislike their current king, Mlecz_. In response, the mayor of Konigsberg, FenZenyatta, decided to create a Prussian nation. However people got bored with the project and fen got a better opportunity in Japan, so he decided to sell the nation for 384 gold to Caillouminati. However, she was a very inactive player, and after a decline in on-time, Neu_Berlin became the unofficial capital of the nation, under the watchful eye of Kaiser WilhelmI.

History (~February 2019 onward)

Rapid Expansion

More towns are being created and then being incorporated into Prussia rather quickly. Building works have also followed, creating a developed but under-manned frontier.

Polish-Prussian Border Skirmishes

Starting in early March, 2019, Polish forces have skirmished with Prussian forces, briefly encircling Neu_Berlin and Nuremberg, before giving up. The town of Auschwitz was raided after joining Prussia, disbanding shortly afterwards. The town of Bornholm, formerly Danish, fell into Polish hands under the administration of Mayor Gabson. The skirmishes are slowly escalating into a proper war.

Prussia Recreated

The New Prussia

Prussia at some point got a name change to the German Empire. But Prussia is still a kingdom and part of the German Empire.


Prussia is a monarchy, under Wilhelm II.


The military of Prussia is in the works at the moment but will become strong and powerful.


Major Prussian buildings include:

-Brandenburger Tor


-Berliner Stadtschloss

  • Stuttgart Castle

Other notable structures include:

  • The Stuttgart City Hall

Notable People

Current leaders of towns include:

-King Wilhelm II (Berlin)

  • Drwho407 (mayor of Stuttgart)

Former old nation owners:

-King Frederick III

  • King FenZenyatta (former mayor of Königsberg)
  • Queen Caillouminati (former mayor of Königsberg)

Former leaders of old towns include:

  • Mayor Countryballs (Former Mayor of Bornholm)
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