Pyramiden is a city in central Svalbard.


Founding and Initial Difficulties

Pyramiden was first founded by a player named Weias, who amassed thousands to acquire the town's significant territory. He soon left, and was replaced by another leader, TheLootCrate. After continued problems, which had left the town with a negligible population, the town was sold to its next owner, ju2nananas, who began construction. He later sold the town to MizteirKizhin, who was the first person to expand the town in size since Weias.

Later Construction

The town had underwent rapid growth after being sold, with the population reaching upwards of 8. Despite this growth, the town's populated continued to stagnate and eventually declined.

Reclamation of Antikkenbyen

In February of 2020, the ruined city of Antikkenbyen was reclaimed by Pyramiden, vastly increasing the city's area. The area, once known as Stram-Kurs, remained relatively undeveloped until Pyramiden castle was completed. Around this time, MizteirKizhin granted the city to her father, LeatherMonster, before founding the neighboring town of Lomfjorden.

Construction of Pyramiden Castle

Pyramiden castle

Pyramiden castle after being completed

Shortly after LeatherMonster took control of the city, he demolished most buildings in the New Quarter to make room for a new project, built over the old iceroad station. This would come to be known as Pyramiden Castle, the largest building in the country. In addition, a variety of other buildings greatly improved the city's appearance, changing it to a much more rustic design. Pyramiden castle was completed on June 27, 2020, and is widely considered to be the crown jewel of the nation.

Future Projects

The Old Quarter of Pyramiden is set to remain relatively intact, though projects are still intended to be built in this region. This includes the arena, which is planned as a training ground for Svalbard's soldiers and as a recreational arena, intended to be built underneath the city.

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