He owns the Appollina The region Souther Epirus is under his control but nothern Epirus is under control of Hyrdruntum, and Dyrrhachium.

he spawn in Siberia, walking his way to Europe which he finally made it decided to head south into the balkans and byzantine territory (magically none of the Legionarries are online because they murder anyone that has gold on them and a noob heads up to all noobs coming into byz area)

He made his way to Sparta which he spent a total of 3 days there as a homeless citizen (they have no housing) collecting 64 gold he procceded south and created the town of Marathopoli a port town not as active as Appollina but almost as beautiful

He spent a total of 1 month working on Marathopolii when he realized Corfu (now Epirus [Appollina]) was a disaster backwater zone of the empire. he tried to convince its currently mayor to do something about it. but being the toxic player Memetric was nothing happened. another month goes by and he got CorruptedGreed to give him the city since then he has been hard at work making sure his citizens stay happy and working.

He has also mastered the ways of recruiting, making Epirus into the most active town in EMC in just a month

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