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Coat of Arms
729px-Armoiries du Québec.svg.png
Quebec map march 2021.png
National Information
Full Name The Empire of Québec
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Population April 2021: 600
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Capital City Saguenay
Largest City Saguenay
Oldest City Montréal
Established 26 January 2020
Government Information
Leader Hodin (Emperor)
Prime Minister AdrianHES
Political System Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Capitalism with Xi Jinping Characteristics
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

French.png French

Official Religion Melonism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders _Takii


Past Capitals Ascension


The Empire of Québec is a large nation located in North America, and is the founding province of a greater meganation called Greater Quebec or Imperial Quebec.

Québec is currently led by Emperor Hodin and Prime Minister AdrianHES, who is the Supreme Chairman of the Solidarity Party.

Leadership (outdated):

  • Hodin (Emperor, Head of State)
  • Enanemes (Imperial Advisor)
  • Morgini (Imperial Advisor)
  • Takii (Chancellor and Imperial Advisor)
  • AdrianHES (Prime Minister)
  • Matty (Minister)
  • Umbreon (Minister)
  • le_muet (Minister)
  • Steiler_Gandalf (Minister)
  • Omega_Astra (Minsiter)
  • HSHZ (Minster)

Greater Quebec Nations (probably incorrect, from 10th November 2021):

  • Quebec
  • Hall
  • Canada
  • Maine
  • Baffin
  • Cape_Dorset
  • Avannaa
  • DoMan_Butte
  • Algonquia
  • Iroquois
  • Nouvelle-France
  • HBC
  • Bei_qi
  • Hollis
  • Disko_Bay
  • Svalbard
  • Cumberland
  • Ruperts_Land
  • Manchukuo
  • Vinland
  • Nunavut
  • Saskatchewan

Alliances: North American Pact, Canadian Republic, Trimortum, Commonwealth (Britain)

Map of Quebec circa Middle of November 2020


First Growth Period and Formation

Québec (previously Laurentides) was formed on 26th January 2020 by (former) King Hodin, and founders Vandetti and Bobbelbo. The capital was set as Montreal, with the new capital being Saguenay (After Hodin's abdication). The first towns to join Québec were Montreal, Alma and Hamilton and they grew rapidly. The town of Montreal had been a massive town before founding the nation of Quebec, with over 90 residents but it only continued to grow. That is until leadership started to decline in activity, and the beginning of the decline period started.

Decline Period

Around the months of March-May of 2020, Quebec started experiencing a rapid decline. This was on-par with the declines of other massive nations in the region, like Canada which struggled to maintain its residents and towns. Later due to stable, competent and active leadership on behalf of the Quebec government at the time however, things started to change. Morgini_ who just became queen at the time, along with other officials like enanemes_, RonikJ, MrStealYoBeans and others started to revive the nation starting the second growth period.

Second Growth Period

Quebec started experiencing stable economic and population growth a few weeks after Morgini took the position of Queen in May. He appointed enanemes_ as Premier of Quebec, along with several ministers including RonikJ, MrStealYoBeans and Scout_97. Morgini and her team started rebuilding Quebec into an economic and militaristic powerhouse, and the results of that still show today with Quebec's stance in North America as a superpower and in the Commonwealth as a strong ally to Britain.

Other wikis to read:

Greater Quebec, Saint-Jérôme, Montréal, Trois-Rivières, Canadian Republic, Baffin, Quebec-Montreal, Seranil, Melonism, Turmoil Era, The Third Epoch, (More to be added)

1 Year Anniversary

Quebec has transformed from a small group of friends to a meganation in the matter of a year and as of January 26th 2021 it will be one year old. Unlike other major Canadian nations to almost die off in 2020 such as Canada., Avalon, Somerset, Rupert's Land, Nunavut, Nova Scotia (New) just to name a few, it has cemented itself as a key player in Canada and North America. In December it hit a record of over 215 residents, a point which not many nations reach. It became the largest nation in North America again, but by both residents and chunks. Its ongoing megaprojects of which some are set for completion by slightly after Jan 2021 (such as the Quebec Museum) also reinforce its major status. Its museum when complete is set to be the largest museum on the server, being 20 chunks large. Its current diplomatic and military status with nations in its region and around the server make it one of the most respected nations in North America. Its economy is also booming, with over 55,000 gold ingots being spent on claims and 20,000 in assets, and its active important players making [[1]] gold ingots each month (with Montreal joining the 940 chunk club of towns). 2020 has been a great year for the nation of Quebec.

The Rule of _Takii

On March 1st 2021, Emperor Morgini abdicated with _Takii as his heir becoming the new ruler, under _Takii's reign, the nation would hit a record of +450 residents in the nation and a huge peak of active players, of nation growth and prosperity. Following the multiple attacks of the USA on the nations of Quebec and Baffin, therefore disrespecting their neutrality, the Greater Quebec would declare war on the USA and be a part of the coalition war against the USA.

During the raid of Chungus_Cave, the Greater Quebec would inherit the nation of DoMan_Butte from Daenef thanks to PyroAlBlaze, finally gaining a foothold in the cold continent of Antarctica.

the Greater Quebec under _Takii's rules would expand in the central and northern parts of Canada and they would settle colonies in Europe, Asia and Antarctica.

On the 10th of April, the capital of Quebec was visited by Fix and was said to be a nice place.


Québec is placed in North-Eastern America. Its town and core region is located around the Saint-Lawrence river and gulf, as well as the flowing basin of the Great Lakes. It holds a strategic location around this river and has water access to the Great Lakes region, the Mississippi River, and New England and other parts of the US and Canada.


Québec holds itself extremely well. It has a great mining industry and the weapons and military equipment factories are selling their stock extremely well. Both of those economical activities make Québec a nation with a lot of money flowing though it.  

With factories all over the place, it can be said that Quebec also is an industrial might with thousands of produce produced in bulk every single day. 

There are shops in the freshly new built /n spawn Québec in-between 3 major towns (Saguenay, Montreal and Trois-Rivieres) in which residents from around Quebec are selling their goods at very low cost. Most important figures of these shops are Hodin (Montréal), Morgini (Saguenay), _Takii (Ascension), enanemes_ (Trois-Rivières) and PyroAlBlaze (Trois-Rivières).

Political system & Demography

The nation is ruled by a constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy. Its Empress is _Takii and Prime Minister Chotobits is accompanied by a parliament and cabinet of ministers to decide upon state affairs. The PM and cabinet are elected by Quebec's citizens every month. A constitution is being created to outline what powers the government has, how the government will work, and the rights and freedoms of all Quebec citizens.[To be updated after the elections of April 2021]

The nation is very wealthy, with many of its notable citizens making hundreds to thousands of gold each month. For its religious folk, it is predominantly Melonist, with most higherups including Morgini_, enanemes_, and Hodin taking part in the religion, although other religions such as the Catholic Church , Pissism and Llamaism can still be practiced in the region, the Greater Quebec is also a secular state with the emperess herself being agnostic.




Important figures

Hodin (Former King and former Mayor, now mayor again), Bobbelbo (Former co-mayor (quit)), Vandetti (Former councillor (quit) gets online when he can), A_Macbook_Pro (Former councillor (quit)), MrStealYoBeans (Former Mayor)


Montréal initially started out as a town named Sainte-Thérèse. It was not initially named Montréal since the name was already taken by a bordering inactive town. The trio who started Montréal watched and waited eagerly for old Montréal to fall to claim their territories and unite the two islands of Montréal. Once the islands were united into what is now the Island of Montréal, the town changed its name to what it's known for today.


Montréal experienced an enormous population boom when it first started as its high ranking players were really active at that time. It grew from a 3 player town, to a Metropolis in the span of 3 weeks. From there it grew its influence to what is today known as the Kingdom of Québec. From March-November it was at a low point but has since grown to over 80 residents.

Current population: 81

Canadian Republic importance

Montreal was the capital of the Canadian Republic, preceded by the former capital and oldest CU town of Bridgeton, Canada. Montreal also used to be a part of Canada before it ceded to form Laurentides, now Quebec.

Other info

Montreal, in late April 2020 has experienced a heavy decline of which is not recoverable easily. It's population dwindled. Some of the most important officials in Quebec and all of the officials of Montreal left EarthMC as a temporary quit. On April 24th there was a ceremony to pass the crown to now Queen Morgini_, from Hodin. Most of the important figures took part, such as Hodin, Bobbelbo, and Vandetti who are quit, as well as Morgini_, _20h (MrStealYoBeans), enanemes_, and RonikJ who did not quit. After the crowning ceremony, Morgini_ became queen and pvp was enabled in the two plots of which the ceremony was taking place which led to a massive pvp battle for fun. A few casualties had occurred during the battle, with almost no items lost.

Montreal as of September is now a town recovering from its recession faze, and has grown since its downfall with the return of its former mayors Hodin and Vandetti. Its economy boomed with its mayor Vandetti, earning 2000g since he quit (Quit again due to personal reasons). The town has been able to claim again, claiming several key areas. As of July it is the richest town in Quebec.


Important figures

Morgini_ (Mayor, King), MrStealYoBeans (former co-mayor), Joe_Pichu (Councillor)


Saguenay was formed on the 4th of April 2020, with the disbanding and reclaiming of Hamilton by the town of Alma. Since then it has became the 2nd biggest town in Quebec and the 2nd biggest by land area. The town features multiple sections, the main city east of the lake, Hamilton district west of the lake, and in the far south, the nation spawn. The nation spawn is cut off from the rest of the town by a volcano arena, which hosted a server pvp tournament.

Current Population: 22

Other info

(To be edited)


Important figures

enanemes_ (Mayor), RonikJ (co-mayor), Scout_97 (former councillor), zaa_wardo (councilor), MC_Carrot (former councillor, now banned), PyroAlBlaze (councillor)


Trois-Rivieres was founded on March 29th, 2020 after it's originally planned founding of March 24th. Trois-Rivieres was founded by mayor enanemes_ and co-mayor RonikJ to have building space for their planned projects both in industrialization and building. The town is the most industrialized town in the Quebec according to it's mayor, and one of the most industrialised in the Canada. Trois-Rivieres was one of the fastest growing towns in Quebec as of the 13th of April 2020, in both land and population, but has steadily declined.


Trois-Rivieres has 2 residents

Other info

Trois-Rivieres is open for former/current Quebec residents to get free embassies if they have good building skills. It is also mainly an Industrial-Victorian style town, with other styles ranging from Modern to European to Medieval.


Important figures: _Takii, Winterphish, adcto, Nc44669, Chunk_of_Cheese


The town of Ascension was created in the area of "La Baie des Chaleurs" the 13th September 2020 by _Takii.

The town was supposed to be created on a later date, but due to the neighboring nation of Acadia creating a town in the approximate area of where _Takii wanted to create his town, they had to make it sooner. Following negotiation, the Acadian town ended up disbanding and Ascension claimed the area.

For several months, _Takii has been terraforming the area to get rid of the rocky taiga and dark forest and create lands more adapted for a town.

Following a massive wave of recruitment by _Takii in early March 2021, the town would obtain several promising citizens with some later on founding towns for the Greater Quebec such as the towns of Sapphos, Niagara_Falls, Albion...

With that wave of recruitment, the emperess at the time _Takii would end up spending almost 5000g in claims in the matter of 4 days to bring their town from around 200 chunks to a size of almost 600 chunks.

Current Population: 49 residents.

Dixville/St Jerome

Important figures: Vandetti (Mayor), Scorpionzzx (Former Mayor), MrStealYoBeans (Former Mayor), 32Geo_ (Former Mayor), ShowiZz (Former Mayor and King)

Dixville is a large town in the southeastern region of Quebec-Central. It was formally called Saint Jerome and you can learn more history in its wiki Saint-Jérôme. One day ShowiZz announced he wanted to give Saint Jerome away as he was inactive. Many people from all over emc begged ShowiZz for the town and nation. Conman and other members of the 8th U.S.A and the town of Boston tried to beg ShowiZz for the town and mobbed the spawn and annoyed ShowiZz in dms. Scorpionzzx walked around patiently exploring Saint Jerome during the mob when ShowiZz asked if he would be interested in having the town. ShowiZz had known scorpion from when ShowiZz was still active on emc and he knew he was a trustworthy person. This came as a suprise because Scorpionzzx did not even ask to be mayor and he was just exploring around Saint Jerome during the mob. ShowiZz and Scorpionzzx chatted in discord dms after the mob died down while Scorpionzzx thought of what he would do with Saint Jerome. Scorpion decided that he would make plans to give the town to Quebec. After a couple weeks ShowiZz gave Scorpionzzx (the nation leader of Canada at the time) Sainte Jerome. Scorpionzzx gave this town to Quebec almost immediately after getting it due to previous plans with Quebec to give it to MrStealYoBeans. Scorpion had selflessly gave the 500 chunk town to Quebec for free in a act of generosity instead of incorporating it into his own nation of Canada. : )


Important figures: Scorpionzzx (Former mayor) TheCoaler1 (Mayor), Ducky4408 (Former Mayor and founder), LavishNick (Former Co-Mayor).


Ottawa was created on May 15th, 2019, as a replacement for a previous town that had fallen. Ottawa was a very active town during its first month of existence, until it's mayor at the time, Ducky4408, quit EMC and abandoned the town. Most of the other residents either went inactive or left during this period, until Ducky was kicked out. The town was given to Scorpionzzx by ducky and he gave it to Financier55 to take over as mayor of the town. Ottawa became part of the nation of Ungava (now Canada), and many of it's original houses and buildings were demolished by Financier, as they were deemed "unnecessary". One of the buildings demolished was a shop built by TheCoaler1 (the only other active resident at the time), which was still in the process of being built. Angry that his hours of work had been destroyed, he vandalized the town arena and posted signs around town saying "OUR MAYOR IS A C**T", one of which still exists to this day. Financier55 quit EMC that day, and has not been seen on the server since. After financier went inactive his data was wiped from emc and towny automatically picked a new mayor called Dictioo. The nation chancellor of Ungava (Scorpionzzx)had been watching the town to see if towny would select Thecoaler1 as mayor so scorpion could make sure Ottawa would stay in Ungava and not get into the wrong hands. Scorpionzzx came to Ottawa just in time to see Dictioo and his friend bluesupreme griefing the town by placing lava and destroying blocks while thecoaler1 and Scorpionzzx watched but were unable to do anything. Finally after being fed up with Ottawa getting griefed Scorpionzzx contacted a mod and got Dictioo and Bluesupreme removed from the town and he got the mod to make Thecoaler Mayor instead. After this, the town remained almost completely inactive. New residents would join, be seen for one day, and then go inactive until they were kicked out. As of April 20th, the town lost it's only other active resident besides TheCoaler1, who has been unsuccessfully trying to recrute people to join the town. 


Ottawa has experienced a massive decline in population over the course of 2020. At its height, Ottawa had upwards of 60 to 70 residents at once, many of them active residents who would contribute to the town building projects. In July of 2020, TheCoaler1 began recruiting residents, and Ottawa's population briefly rose to a yearly record of 7 players. Sadly, it has fallen back to 1 as none of the recruited residents were willing to log on more than once.

Other info

Ottawa is currently the oldest town in the nation of Quebec (having been founded well over a year ago).

Its architecture is primarily modern, and it features replicas of both Parlaiment Hill and 24 Sussex Drive. It also contains what is likely one of the largest melonist churches on EMC.

Ottawa has been a part of three different nations of Quebec. The original Quebec, the Ungava Quebec (now called Canada), and the Laurentides Quebec.


Important Figures

CodeBRC (Mayor), SuperSim77 (Councillor and original Braine resident)


The town of Braine was founded on 12 February 2020 by Jerayz and Ch1ck3n_. Shortly after the town was founded, Braine joined the Quebec. It fell on (forgotten date) and was re-created by Code_BRC a few days after, a former Trois-Rivieres resident. As of now, it is claiming back the ruins of the old town.


4 inhabitants.

Other info

Braine is a Medieval styled town, it is located along the Fleuve Saint-Laurent. It is also completely french, which is now almost a rarity in Quebec as of November 2020.

Other Towns:

Hamilton (Fallen and in Saguenay) - Hamilton was created on 3rd January 2020 by 32Java. His councillor - Differ3nt helped him a lot in building the town. On 26th January Java decided to change its name from Saguenay to Hamilton because he felt like Saguenay didn't fit his conditions. The same day Hamilton joined Quebec. The town has over 65 chunks now. Later Hamilton was passed on to former mayor MrStealYoBeans, where he and former Alma mayor Morgini_ formed the Lake Union. This town partnership would become the foundation of the unified town of Saguenay, which is now under mayor Morgini_. Hamilton had 6 inhabitants at its heightIn the place where the city was founded, a mysterious temple was previously located, which was buried by Hamilton settlers. Legends say there is a hidden gold warehouse below the city.

AtlantisCity (Fallen and in Port Cartier) - AtlantisCity was a city founded on the gulf of the Saint Lawrence. It has since fallen. Atlantis city had a population of 1. AtlantisCity was a spectacular underwater town, with lots of work put into glass domes under the Saint Lawrence.

More towns: Niagara Falls, Monteregia, Port Cartier, Relais-Gabriel, Quebec City, Aurora, Sutton, Anticosti, Fort Assiniboine, West Augusta, Fort Tadoussac, Bathurst

Fallen towns: Hull, Halifax, Charlesbourg, Mistassini, NewOakington, Fire Lake, Winslow, Laurier, Saint-Adele, ModernMoscow

Current government of Quebec


  • Prime Minister: AdrianHES
  • Deputy Prime Minister: N/A
  • Councillors: Umbreonplayz18, le_muet, MattyG2012, Steiler_Gandalf, Omega_Astra, HSHZ
  • Premiers: South)___ (Baffin), Vayth_ (Nouvelle-France), Yuvha (Kingston), _Takii (Maine), HSHZ (Vinland), AwesomeR2D2 (Canada)1, HocaInTheCami (Algonquia), Kounterowo (Hall), MrAstronomics (Avannaa), AzureSyrup (Cape_Dorset), MattyG2012 (Avalon), s4feheaven (HBC)
  • Imperial Advisors: _Takii, enanemes_, Morgini_, Hodin