Queensland is a country located in Australia, ruled by the French Youtuber FuzeIII

Queensland is currently the third biggest country on EarthMC ahead of France with 255 inhabitants, and just behind Britain and the Han.


  • In June 29th 2019, after an attempt to become King of Australia which was a failure, Fuze III created "French Australia" was renamed "Queensland" with the city FuzeCity being the capital, Celestown and French_Army. Celestown is now in the country of "Eyre".
  • After being created, the nation suffered numerous raids still ongoing by The Coalition,made of dozens of nations and volunteers , most particularly from Qing, Patagonia, all of Europe, most of Africa and additionally Trinidad and Tobago. Many of these raids have resulted in numerous causalities due to the abundance of traps, raiders and violence occurring near FuzeCity.
  • In mid-August 2019, Celestown seceded from Queensland, at the time of leaving Queensland it was the largest city. The new country of Celestown is the Eyre. Queensland lost a large part of its population, a portion went back to Queensland.

Political System

  • Queensland has no official political system but in facts it is a Dualist and Youtubian Monarchy in which, Fuze III makes the majority of decisions with his second and Prime Minister Julien_1800.


  • Queensland has officially enacted the Conscription system but in facts there are 13 active members in the land Army
  • In the Air Force, Queensland has two "Bombardiers 2000", it's an experimental airplane created by Fuze III and which is able to bomb specials targets with TNT. This couldn't happen as the Towny Plugin makes griefing impossible.
Fuzeplane3 (1)


  • Since the creation of the nation, Queensland is in perpetual warfare with The Coalition, a group of nations and volunteers from countries such as the Glacial Empire, France, Britain, and a variety of other countries, their primary goal is to remove Fuze III.
  • In June, a spying operation was launched against Immertion, a city of Spain leaded by Gaspoul, Julien and other citizens of Queensland attempted to infiltrate the Discord of the Exclusion. The mission was a total disaster as they used their primary accounts, Exclusion members proceeded to pinged them on mass, absolute hilarity ensued.
  • In July, a border conflict starts with Queensland and Micronesia,in effect, Micronesia founded a city near the capital of Queensland, FuzeCity. After multiples talks Micronesia didn't want sell their claims, Queensland sends a request to the staff for they judged the situation.
  • In end July/August, a battle was done in Fuze-City with the army of Queensland leaded by Fuze III some coalition members leaded by Gaspoul. After two hours of battle it's a victory for Queensland with the death of Gaspoul.

Notable Locations


  • The economy of Queensland is based on some shops in FuzeCity. The principal belongs to Julien. Actually the bank of FuzeCity contains 643 gold, the rest of the gold is stocked in the secret chest room of FuzeCity.


  • Location in Australia. Queensland is in dark green
Australia map

Map of Australia by KOALA NET21, August 5, 2019

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