RASPUTIN54 is the mayor of Tasiilaq and the president of Godthab , Basing its principle on "Communism works, just capitalize it". RASPUTIN54 is known as an nice man. Not seeking war, it is a builder who seeks to have a nation in peace and prosperity.  


RASPUTIN54 joined the server on June 11, 2019, it was his friend Wolfpack_six who invited him to join him in Greenland. On June 30 he founded the city of Tasiilaq on the southeastern side of the island of Greenland on the ruins of an ancient Danish city. On the same day the player QJWIN  who was going to be his prime minister joined him in his quest to build a big city. 

On December 11, 2019, his city reached 100 inhabitants and his city became the most populated server equal with two other cities also having 100 inhabitants. Its goal is now to have the largest city server, it can be done easily because unlike London (which is the largest at present), Tasiilaq has no city nearby.

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