Profile Information
Nation KatFlag.png Katanga
Town DodomaFlag.jpg Dodoma
Towny Rank
Political Party
Spouse(s) Former:
SophFace.png sophru
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn November 3rd 2019
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality American.svg American
Gender Female.png Female
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Nazi.png Nazi Germany
KatFlag.png Katanga

Rcvq is the current mayor of the town Dodoma and the co-Emperor of the nation Katanga. She first joined on November 3rd 2019, going to Nazi Germany.


Starting off on EarthMC

Rcvq first joined on November 3rd 2019, she joined Brussels in Belgium but later received a message from ratking19 inviting her to Nazi_Germany, she accepted and became a resident at EpicVienna. She then logged off on November 11th 2019 and didn’t rejoin until December 20th 2020.

Rejoining EarthMC

Upon her rejoining she realized that Nazi_Germany was completely gone and so were most of the other nations she knew, she was then messaged by Yoshigamer1298 asking her if she wanted to join Moba in Zambie, her feeling like she had nothing to lose accepted the invitation and decided that she would probably just get situated and then leave later on.

Joining Zambie

After she moved to Moba she quickly grew quite close to Yoshigamer1298, It was during this time that she really started researching and becoming interested in EarthMC’s history and the community. She learned that Zambie was a part of The Second Nubian Empire, and started keeping close communication with those in Nubia and other members of Zambie. After gaining almost enough gold to make a town she told Yoshigamer1298 and Twomoo1119 that she was interested in making a town, they provided the rest of the needed gold and on December 24th 2020 the town of Dodoma was founded.


After Dodoma was founded she built small houses and a few plots before focusing entirely on expanding. After she grew Dodoma a decent amount she focused on recruiting and started remodeling the town. She began construction on The Sandcastle which is a sandstone building that functions as the town spawn for Dodoma. She then moved on to creating roads and more plots. During this time she mainly focused on recruiting and helping Nubia in battles.  

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