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Remcoms is an active player on EarthMC. He joined on December 2nd, 2019 and is the founder of Trout Lake. Currently, he resides on Domino and is the vicepresident of Labrador, a province of Avalon.

Profile Information
Aliases Remcums
Nation Flag of labrador.png Labrador
Town Domino's Official Flag.png Domino
Towny Rank
Occupation Mining/Leading
Organization Sex Army
Political Party Constitutional Monarchy / Theoarcy
Clan Kaska Gang
Religion Pissism / Eggism
Spouse(s) DelicateBean
Discord Remcoms#6588
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn December 2, 2019
Place of Spawn Kazakhstan
Physical Information
Nationality American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Avalon, Kodiak, Slave, Cascadia, Nubia, Kaska.


Founding era (November 12th, 2019 - December 2nd)

On November 12, Remcoms would release a video to his YouTube channel called "My depression on roblocc". The video reached 5 views and Remcoms got 1 subscriber. However, some of his viewers suggested Minecraft.

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Peepeeisland.jpg Pee Pee Island
Slave flag.jpg Slave

A couple days later, he stumbled upon this video called "Walking from Russia to America in Minecraft?" by ibxtoycat. Remcoms watched the whole thing being interested into this "EarthMC" that he saw. Remcoms didn't think much of it just yet but maybe he could've done a Minecraft video on EarthMC. When Remcoms finally got onto the server, he spawned in Mongolia. Except this was in Factions because Remcoms didn't realize there was a queue to the main server.

Now Remcoms is still stuck in a mountain in Siberia with low hunger to this day.

Avalon Era (Dec 2 - Dec 31)

Remcoms had joined on December 2, 2019. He had spawned somewhere in Central Asia, about a hundred blocks east of a town called "KFC Land". He traveled for around 2 hours and decided to stay in a place near New York.

He was invited to several towns including Hiroshima, and Whitefield. But Remcoms got an invite from Pee Pee Island and he knew he better head there really fast! After that he got along well with the Avalonese Community. He made a video called "a Tour of Avalon" which now reaches around 150 views. Remcoms was a small channel for a very long time. He didn't really consider himself an "EarthMC YouTuber" just yet. That was until one day he was recognized by the Avalonese.

Remcoms started talking in global chat when he saw something weird. It said "YouTuber" next to his name. A couple minutes later Remcoms was invited and he was recognized to many. Another player, JBGoose, invited him to a nation he was going to create. Even though Remcoms was planning to make his town near New York, he decided "Why not?" and tried a new nation. There he would create a town called Trout Lake.

Trout Lake Era (Jan 1 - Feb 15)

Trout Lake. It was created right in the middle of a war. A war between Canadian Empire and Northwest Syndicate. They were also in war with Cascadia. Where Remcoms proximity griefed and got warned by EarthMC moderator Slayer. But, Trout Lake was the center of transportation in Slave. Remcoms tried to invite several different people his first citizen being YassouLeKiwi. Sadly, every single one of his town members would become inactive. Remcoms became high parliament for Slave. He got along well with the Rupert Landians. That was until JBGoose, leader of Slave, got banned.

Remcoms' former skin

Slave became a warzone. Remcoms tried not to get involved. So Remcoms left Slave and decided for a few nations including Nunavut, Alberta and Cascadia. Cascadia was his choice and it was very controversial. JBGoose was not happy at Remcoms for this decision. Remcoms explained how Slave is kind of dead and how it is a warzone of inactive players. So, Remcoms did move on. He was in Cascadia for around 3 weeks. In this time he was also featured on ibxtoycat's newest EarthMC related video.

But, Remcoms got tired of all this West Canada mess. He wanted to adventure out there. So then Remcoms sold his town for free. He gave it to someone by the name of "Sees45". However this player would disband the town a day later. Not to mention he disbanded the other town he owned.

Nowhere Era (Feb 15 - Feb 24)

Remcoms was on an adventure. He headed towards Alabama to shoot a video about incest or something, I'm not really sure. This video caught the attention of two of his biggest fans Emilyspro_vieuwbot and Halfhand. Remcoms moved into a random town in Nubia called South Allison. He got to know the Nubian culture but the Avalon boys wanted him back. However the CU was at war with Gaspe. But Remcoms made a town north of it. He was planning to save up for a nation.

That's when Labrador was born.

Gold-Saving Era (Feb 24 - April 18)

Remcoms has become slightly more inactive, commonly playing EarthMC only every so often because of the hell that the queue is. He raised his first 100 gold in around 2 weeks. He rarely spends some of it and had to risk his wither skull for some gold. He also needed sponsors in order to raise gold, including Faux News that donated gold to him.

Remcoms isn't sure how long it will take and he is still applying for multiple jobs across EarthMC including 32Nogle's 1 Builder 2 God Tools Building Company. He currently has raised over 300 gold in the past month and a half. Remcoms is predicting in 2 months to be able to create the nation. That is unless a reset happens. Remcoms gets donated 250g by Dabs All Ovar making him more than halfway towards making his nation which is moved into Ontario.

He plans to call his nation "Ontario". Remcoms is also a Shite, he has a church called St. Remcoms in Angar, Maluku. There has also been controversies whether Remcoms is a Remcodd alt. Remcoms proved that he registered before Remcodd, and the mods we're aware that Remcoms and Remocdd are two different people. However Remcoms did ask Remcodd for a pvp match to see who is the real Remco.

After more and more people helping towards the creation of his nation, RedY0shi plans to donate most of the money he will collect from selling his nation, Kaska. RedY0shi will also become the PM of Remcoms nation.

But one night Remcoms thought very long and hard about this idea. What if Remcoms bought Kaska? Remcoms thought about it, many people could be angered from this. Some could be fine and chill with it vibing with the bees. But, Remcoms didn't want to wait any longer to buy a nation so Remcoms decided to purchase Kaska for 600g. This would be the end for the gold-saving era considering there wasn't as much need for it.

King Era (April 18 -)

Remcoms was the king! It was the first and probably will be the only nation Remcoms will own. He decided to focus a little more on the beeist side of things, even though to him the religion was kind of dead. He also found a tamed horse with a saddle and all, along with some b e e s. He strives to make Kaska a new successful nation in Canada like the other ones. But it's only a matter of time, man. Only a matter of time.

Remcoms chests had been looted from his storage area by a recent hacker and scammer by the name of ZOMBZAZZ. It also involved tnt explosions and killing attempts with the help of Remcoms friend Most_Creative_1. Remcoms plans on getting better at PVP in the case that he encounters it. He owns a potion brewery around 50 blocks from spawn. Remcoms plans on making a huge industrial company called YeetCo.

Later that day, Remcoms went on his first pissist crusade for 4/20, a very important holiday in Pissist Religion. Him with Capitanpatakis, Dabs_All_Ovar, and Flame51 went crusading to where Kush was and placed the most pee pee's within a 500 block radius. However it got ruined by one of the "Rupert Land boy's" as he refer's them to. He got killed by 268 in immediate surprise however a couple days later Remcoms we're to place even more pee pees.

On a weekend he saw his now called wife, DelicateBean. Remcoms decides to plan many events for his city including a wedding for him and his wife, as well as a pvp tournament. And Remcoms works on his important buildings for his city like the Kaskan house of parliament. But one day, he decided to go back into his former country. He decided that Kaska would work good as a Cascadian Province. And then he successfully came back!

When Remcoms became a governor for The Republic of Cascadia he started recruiting more citizens. He also started helping with the CE after he blew up an embassy in the town of Whitefield which Remcoms hasn't seen a warn yet but sure it's coming. This is when Remcoms started to grow within the community even more. He made a pvp tournament with many notable players for the prize of 200g

Remcoms' return

On August 25th, 2021, Remcoms decided to log onto the server. After he joined, he was invited to Domino, the capital of the newly formed nation Labrador. After that, Fix, EarthMC's admin and owner, gave that lucky motherfUCKER SON OF A BITCH 1 FREE MONTH OF PREMIUM LUCKY SON OF A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH I HOPE YOU GET RAN OVER BY A TRAIN

Past Towns Involved

Pee Pee Island - December 4

Kodiak - December 23

East Slave - December 23 (disbanded)

Slavington - December 23 (disbanded)

Trout Lake - December 31 (disbanded)

South Allison - February 16

Labrador (Sex) - February 24

Sitka - April 18

Notable Good People

Dabs_All_Ovar: Owner of pee pee island and Advisor of Avalon. Also one of the first people Remcoms encountered on EarthMC. He pinged everyone about Remcoms video (which is good).

Riley_McDonut: Queen of Avalon. He gave Remcoms the "YouTuber" nickname in Global Chat.

Most_Creative_1: One of Remcoms first people he ever met. He gave him 33 gold to make him a town. He doesn't owe him 66 gold anymore. He also discussed with him about ice roads.

DelicateBean: One of Remcoms very good friends. He met them around Washington. They we're about to share a town with each other. They are the mayor of the town Valentine in Alaska. It probably disbanded. And now they are married.

imabritishcow: Remcoms friend who helped him with Ice Interstates.

JBGoose: Him and Remcoms have had some controversy. Mostly pretty neutral. He was the King of Slave. But now he is banned.

Ka9L: A friend of Remcoms when he joined Cascadia. However someone in his nation used a dupe exploit and he was accidently involved. He is banned.

RedY0shi: Was once at war, now good with each other and Remcoms bought Kaska off Y0shi.

The entire nation of Avalon: Remcoms would like to Thank the nation of Avalon. Such nice people. They have an epic religion as well.