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The Republic of Kush is a Nubian breakaway state, with most of it's towns running along the White Nile River.

History of Kush

Founding of Kush

Kush is a nation established on November 14th 2021 (11/14/21) by Pongo_Bongo_ and Greaseballer after both members had attempted to overthrow Nubia's Government. The main goal of this overthrow was to have either Pongo_Bongo_ or Mengan take control of the Nubian empire since Twomoo had gone to College and left control of the Nation to Starkiller who a large portion of the community believes is one of the causes for Nubia's gradual decline in activity due to behaviors some people view as "Toxic". Both Greaseballer Pongo_Bongo_ and Mengan had gone around collecting signatures for a petition to have Twomoo step down in a peaceful transition of power however he declined in favor of a public election in a months time this frustrated the majority of the people who signed the petition, which in turn caused a bit of a backlash towards Twomoo. During the time the community was frustrated with the current government Pongo_Bongo_ and Greaseballer decided to step away and managed to scrape up enough gold in a nights work to create the town of Marrow and shortly thereafter the Nation of Kush.

Early days

Shortly after Kush was founded both Greaseballer and Pongo started focusing on expansion crowdfunding gold from several trusted friends, they then used the gold collected to start expanding outward. The sudden growth of the nations capital attracted the eyes of the closest neighboring town Er_Roseires who began a "Claim Race" with Marrow to see who could claim the most land in the region, while the "Claim Race" is still ongoing it has slowed greatly due to both town's resources dwindling over time and Er_Roseires' Leader Lirsko and Pongo came up with an agreement not to encroach on each others land leaving Er_Roseires the western side of the river and Marrow the eastern.

When the second day came around Pongo contacted an old friend who he had made a town with previously named QuintusAurelius to see if he would like to join the nation, Quintus agreed and joined the capital quickly earning the role of third in command in the nation and establishing himself as the nations head of Architectural design proving himself to be a useful member in the ranks of Kush.

Several days after Kush's founding Pongo had grown tired of gold mining and asking for donations and handouts so he reached out to several friends from other games and real life in hopes they would join and work under his nation, surprisingly the vast majority of those he asked agreed and began gold mining for him providing a large amount of gold for several days before getting tired of being made to work with little to know pay, so the workers gathered together and came to Pongo stating they wanted a portion of what they presented him and without much of an option he agreed giving them half of what they presented him. The workers now have established houses, roles and jobs in the capital city.