Fl resistencia

CoA Resistencia
Coat of Arms

Town Information
Full Name Ciudad de Resistencia
National Anthem
Name in Towny Resistencia
Established November 25th, 2018
Nation Cl Chile
Population 1
Continent South America
Government Information
Mayor TawsHunter23
Political System
Economic System
Official Language Flagspain Spanish
Official Religion Secular State
Historical Information
Past Nations Fl argentina Argentina
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Resistencia is a small city located in Northern Argentina, its nearbiest cities are Posadas, Miramar and Córdoba.


Resistencia is located in the most northern point in La Plata.

In it, we can find: the town bank ,the hotel Shop ,Church Don Bosco ,Goverment house ,Chaco For Ever Stadium the Railway station of Resistencia

We can also see a bridge which passes the Paraná River, and two small parks.

In conclusion: This is a town which is still in construction but promises to be a beautiful town in a few months.


TawsHunter23, the town's founder, joined Terra Nova in November 25th, 2018.

At those days, he was living in an american city.

One day, someone called Tito_zz asked him to join the Platan city Córdoba: Taws accepted.

Then, he wondered if he could help to the nation, he asked nation's king, SoyGalletita and then, the king suggested to form the city of Resistencia.

First structure to be raised on the current town was the "General Belgrano Bridge" which divides Resistencia from Corrientes.

The park, the bank and the hotel were the next buildings raised.

One day, a guy called runnerboy72000 from Panama asked if he could join Resistencia, Taws wrongly said yes, and this guy, stole all the things he found in the town chests. Nowadays, the city has recovered of that day and now is growing fast.

Nowadays, Resistencia joined the nation of Chile.

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