Reval flag
Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Established April 26, 2019
Nation Terra mariana cross Terra Mariana
Population 17
Chunks 210
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark 4294, -11090
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor Eke223 eke223
Political System
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag English
Official Religion Roman Catholic
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors Emmettaaron emmettaaron (founder)
Past Councillors
Reval is a town located on the Baltic sea, in the nation of Terra Mariana. It's made up of 210 chunks and it counts 17 citizens.


Emmettaaron left the town BlackFall, which is also in the Nation Terra Mariana and founded Paldiskion on the 27th of April 2019. The growth of Paldiski was very slow at first, but it sped up as Emmettaaron found a new method of getting gold easily. In the early days of Paldiski nicosecci - the founder of Connect TM - asked emmettaaron if he wanted to make an Iceroad to Sillamae; he accepted the deal. The town evolved into a medium-sized town, which has a marketplace, a harbour multiple towers and many houses.

The town has been given to Tetragrade, when the old mayor created his own nation, Namibia.

After some month the town got finally active thanks to the new mayor eke223.


The flag has an upside-down spike and a cross going trough the middle of the flag,which represent the flat area in Reval, the Sea and the Nature

Buildings and Projects

The Peace-Iceroad to Finland

On the 13th of July 2019 emmettaaron proposed an Iceroad being built from Reval to Espoo, a town in south Finland to maintain a good relationship with Finland. The Iceroad is now finished.

The Building-Style

The Building Style of Reval is Medieval-themed with a lot of Spruce Wood, Stone Brick and Cobblestone.

Headquarters of "Elite Excavation"

The Headquarters of "Elite Excavation" is located in Reval relatively near to the Spawn.


The Harbour is located in the east side of the city right next to the Headquarters of Elite Excavation. The Harbour is currently active. emmettaaron has plans to build a ship in front of the Harbour to show strength

  • Districts

    Districts of Reval


The old Blueprint of Paldiski (Reval)

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