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Description and Early History

Reykjavik is the largest town in Iceland, founded on the first day Terra Nova, opened by cookiedeluxe33, then immediately transferred to Toadally, the current mayor. Reykjavik originally started as Tokyo, founded on Day 3 of Early Access, but the Tokyo plan was abandoned due to being in a location that was too isolated from the rest of the world. Reykjavik features large stone structures packed closely together and wide roads. The town is the future leader of the Iceland nation.

Takeover of xPadpai

The town of Rekjavik, and its leftovers have been taken over by a previous member and chancellor of Trinidad and Tobago - xPadpai

After 3 days of living in Reykjavik, Padpai has created a nation called Iceland on its place.


Reykjavik was involved in a minor conflict with Britain after British subjects began claiming Iceland for the British crown by placing flags. After a long chase, the British were driven off the island for a short period of time. After Toadally and MineHero, the leader of the UK, quarreled for a little over a day, the situation quickly died out.