The Rhineland

The Rhineland was a nation located near the Rhine River. It has a history spanning nearly the entire year and has had countless events and things occur in its history. The nation was formed on 30.11.2019. It became an autonomous kingdom under Germany until collapsing.


The Rhineland's government is a republic ruled by King DanielPoli and his chancellor BlockForcer. Daniel is the king but he is not treated as one, more as the president. The ministers and mayors help make decisions.


Before Frankfurt and Bonne

Before the times of Frankfurt and Bonne, there was Israeli Chad, a town formed by DanielPoli and BlockForcer in Africa. Just a few people joined due to a large number of people in EarthMC hating Israelis, and the town stayed small. They soon sold the town and left for Europe.

Rhine Confederation and Early Days

On the 14th of April Bonne was founded an on the 20th of April, the town of Frankfurt was founded in the geographic Rhineland. A few days later the mayor of Bonne, Amune proposed a border between them and BlockForcer agreed. An alliance was formed to form a new nation of those towns on the Rhine. Soon after the Rhine Confederation would start forming, if only they knew what would happen next.

Long queues collapse the nation.

When Toycat joined the server on May 1st, the server went into crisis. There were too many people on the server at once and the queue was hours long. People couldn't join the server. This caused Amune to go inactive and quit the server temporarily. Soon, the First Rhine Confederation collapsed before its establishment, with the Reichskanzler resigning.

Second Rhine Confederation

Soon after the Rhine's fall, FrederickIII, Kaiser of the German Reich contacted BlockForcer if he wanted to be the prinz of the Rhine. BlockForcer accepted and left his town. But after some time, Frederick did not promote him to Prinz, nor did he help him control the Rhine. It became clear that he had lied. So BlockForcer left and decided to form the Second Rhine Confederation with DanielPoli. It didn't get so far and ended up in a war with the German Empire, which had 0 battles, except the ones in discord. Soon, both Daniel and Block quit.

Frankfurt and Wildsteig/Munchen - Insert Dates

Frankfurt came back a third time, Daniel and BlockForcer came back to the server! They grew there town a bit more before finding a person called NubCakeFlavour. After some time, tragically, a hacker would hack NubCakeFlavour's account, and destroy and grief Munchen.

Return of the King - Amune Returns

One day Amune decided to log in onto EarthMC to make sure his town didn't get deleted and see the progress Frankfurt has had. He met DanielPoli accidentally and they became friends once again. And the rest is history. Frankfurt and Bonne agreed to return achieving the dream of the Rhine, and the national movement of the Rhine started raising gold for the nation. Negotiations started between the three leaders on the constitution of the nation, and a date for the formation was signed: 7th December.

Formation of the Rhineland - 30th November 2019

In the 30th November, 7 days before the official formation, a spy told Aurelian that Frankfurt and Bonne were planning to form a nation. , he kicked them, and they were forced to make the nation on that day instead of the planned, December 7th.

The nation was formed on the 30th November, 15:00 in the town hall of the capital, Frankfurt with the Emperor, President, Chancellor, Minister of Defense, Minister of Construction and the mayor of the 3rd town, Sadov (Freiberg)

The King's Betrayal (2020)

In 2020, Amune became inactive, he said his internet was simply down for a month. A month passed and still no sign of him, it became more and more clear that he had left on purpose. Active members like Xander Von Adelstein also left the nation, likely being influenced by Amune.

Negotiations (2020, March)

Negotiations have started between the Rhineland and the German Empire to become an autonomous region.

It has now become an autonomous kingdom ruled by DanielPoli.

The End of the Rhineland

On 30/04/2020, an image was posted on the Rhiner discord titled: The Last Government Meeting. People already suspected that the Rhine's end would be soon. Daniel had talked to Heiniken and agreed that the Rhine would be transferred to Germany with Frankfurt's buildings remaining nearly untouched.

On 2/05/2020, Blockforcer and DanielPoli walked to Poland and Block created the town of New Warsaw. Once created, the town was made capital of the Rhineland, and all towns in the Rhine kicked. Frankfurt was also given to a german mayor.

Soon some Swiss and Roman (Allied to Germans) went to the town and accused the two of betrayal and trying to join Poland. They began walking around the town until a certain someone told them to stop. The Rhineland was renamed to Imperial Russia and the Rhineland as a nation finally ended.

The Polish leader, 3meraldK, accused the Germans (Not Rhiners) of spending 1024 gold on a nation in his territory. His claims were debunked by DanielPoli.

Cost of Forming Nation: 314 Gold

Destruction of Rhinelander Cities

After Frankfurt and Dortmund were given to Germany for free, Dortmund was completely dissolved and absorbed into Dortmund, while Frankfurt had all it's buildings torn down. This was all done without the permission of the former mayors and against the agreement made between the two nations. This almost completely destroyed relations between Imperial Russia and Germany. The breaking of the agreement was allowed by Heiniken.

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Important People

Towns and Cities : Freiberg


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Notable People

Amune - The rightful emperor of the Rhineland, mayor of Bonne, the co-capital.

DanielPoli - President of the Rhineland, one of the founding members and mayor of Frankfurt.

Blockforcer - A founding member, co-mayor of Frankfurt, Chancellor of the Rhine and much more.


Pokemaster01 - Leader of the Amry and cool guy

ninja_bzh - Founder of Dresden (Freiberg)


Name Mayor Co-Mayor Population Region Size in Chunks
Frankfurt DanielPoli BlockForcer 10 Central Rhineland
Bonne Amune None 4 Central Rhineland
Dortmund Pokemaster01 3 French Rhineland
Great_Brussels Special_NN 1 North Rhineland



A general commands the army but follows orders from his/her higherups. Rhinelander Armed Forces

The requirements are that they must be good at PVP, Have decent weapons and armour, as well as having a uniform skin.

Royal Family (Has no name yet)

Amune Von Bonne - Former King of the Rhine.

A picture of Emperor Amune of Bonne. There are older pictures that were taken of him before colored photos were invented.

Xander Von Adelstein - Cousin of Amune, he is the general of the army and a royal guard. His name is supposed to mean Defender of the King and was originally called Lucas.

The Family Now

In the modern Rhineland, the royal family is utterly non-existent. Amune I disappeared and Xander Von Adelstein quit. After both of their disappearances, the Rhineland was declared a republic.

Foreign Relations


Relation: Enemies

The Rhineland has declared a holy crusade against Sui and is funding annoyance campaigns and the delivery of trash to Sui's mercenaries.

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