Rhiner Democracy

Rhiner Democracy is a type of Democracy invented by the Rhine Confederation as their ideology.

Democratic Structure


The King is the leader of the state, he holds constitutional powers, he is in charge of declaring wars, appointing people to certain ranks.


The Reichskanzler is an elected position, every few weeks the people vote for a Reichskanzler, Reichskanzlers have their own parties.

Deputy Reichskanzler

Although never appointed, the Deputy Reichskanzler would be chosen by a Reichskanzler and if the Reichskanzler won the election, he would serve as Deputy Reichskanzler. He has less power and can't appoint Chancellors.


Chancellors are appointed by the king or Reichskanzler and are permanent unless dismissed.


Ministers are appointed and are in charge of certain national subjects such as military, land or trade.


Governs a town. If they truly want to they can even go to war with another town not in a nation with permission.


Citizens are allowed to vote in many things and can become members of parliament based on a rule.


Parliament Policy

Based on a town's population, a fraction of the town's people will become parliament members. Mayors and Co-Mayors are automatically parliament members.

Cancer Policy

The Rhine Confederation deems cancer as a horrible condition and people who are diagnosed with it need proper treatment or execution if it's too powerful to treat.

This means Fortniters, Satanists, Toyfags, Fuzists and Fixists are unworthy and must die.

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