Rhodesia is a nation located in Rhodesia, although small and relatively insignificant it has quite a bit of history.

Rhodesian History

Rhodesia's Founding

Rhodesia was founded by Prime Minister Sir Goober_Bang, it soon joined the Commonwealth. It became one of the 'original three' members of the Commonwealth: Britain, South Africa and Rhodesia.

Rhodesia in the Commonwealth

Rhodesia became a vital part of the Commonwealth, and soon became a colony under direct rule from Britain.

Decline of the nation & Purchase of Rhodesia

Rhodesia began to decline and the Prime Minister resigned as leader. A new player was selected, yet had no idea about how to govern the nation, and eventually sold Rhodesia to Mauritania. Britain and it's colonies were shocked by this, and many Brits believe it should return to the Commonwealth.

On the 6th of March 2019 Rhodesia was purchased from mrprez180 for 6 stacks of diamonds by the government of Mauritania, making it one of the cheapest purchases of a nation so far.

Rhodesia under Yeknod

Immediately after becoming the owner of Rhodesia, Yeknod left the British Commonwealth and was accepted into the African Union on the 8th of March. Yeknod governs Rhodesia and Mauritania making him the only person to govern two African nations. Rhodesia joined several other nations in the Scottish Coup War against Dexterian Scotland supporting Nicola's Scotland, there have been no casualties for Rhodesia.


Monarchy under Yeknod


Secret, rumoured to be none

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