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General Information
In-Game Name 501.png Riftal
Joined July 2nd 2019
Town Rank
Nation Rank
Business Rift's Mapart
Personal Information
Real Name
Nationality 1280px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
Gender Male.png Male
Discord Riftal#6750

Riftal is the former king of Finland.


Life on Svalbard

He first joined the server on July 2nd, 2019. Shortly after arriving, he found the town of Baxswell Bay with his best friend, Tsar. After abandoning this venture, he joined the Kalmar Union on August 19th of that year, founding the town of Visby.

Visby and the Kalmar Union

He founded the town of Visby on the island of Gotland after arriving in the Kalmar Union. He was enacted as Prime Minister of the nation on November 11th. On November 26th, he resigned his position and passed the town to ENLS, before emigrating to Finland.

Finland and Jyväskylä

The next month, he founded Ozhattan (now Jyväskylä), in hopes of finding the funding to create a new Finnish nation. Eventually, the nation was formed, with 2 additional towns formed shortly afterwards. He with the help of his friends such as Noveritsch, J1K & more, he grew Finland into a large nation, with trade as their main goal.

Iwaki and Date

In June, Riftal moved out of Finland forever after being tired of the drama and the nordic region in general. He always planned to move to the Japanese Islands as a retirement plan, and he figured nows the best time. A town collapsed that week and Riftal instantly took up on the opportunity to take it over. Turns out, that town held a lot of Greater_Finland history as 0sku and friends lived there before moving to Finland with Juuzoz. Nonetheless, Riftal soon found out how toxic and crowded the Islands were and a week or two later Riftal disbanded his town and went nomadic.

Bactria and Far_Alexandria

Around July-Early August, Riftal was invited to join Bactria by Cubs_, Highlander214, and TakieX (Now _Takii). He lived among the horses in the town stables, renovating into a home. He designed the Bactrian Arena and the same week it was completed construction. Highlander214 soon afterwards took a downfall, completely quitting the staff team and EarthMC indefinitely. The nation soon fell under drama and inactivity, and Riftal left as a result.

Kosovo and Pristina

After leaving Bactria, Riftal created the nation of Kosovo in the Balkans. No other information is available.

Reintroduction of Visby and Finland

After leaving Kosovo and lying dormant as an inactive townless player, Riftal returned to the server briefly and so happened to come in contact with ENLS. ENLS needed someone to take the town and offered Riftal, and he accepted graciously.

Current and Previous Towns

This a complete list of all the towns that Riftal has been resident of or mayor of. Some of these towns no longer exist, such as Baxswell.