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"Questão Kauê" (or, Falklands Conflict)

The Questão Kauê (meaning, Kauê's Question, in Portuguese.) is a series of conflictuous diplomatic incidents between Falklands and Rio de Janeiro.

"Casus Belli"

The Casus Belli, that is, the reason for Rio de Janeiro sending troops to the Falklands, were a series of declarations and obstruction of blocks from heat1804. (now here follows the screenshots of heat's declarations.)


10 volunteers from the Brazilian army were mobilized to "attack" the falklands with lava and fire, erupting a battle. In the middle of the chaos heat1804 was killed once and managed to explode a TNT, killing more than 5 brazilians.


The Falklands stole the wheat from Rio de Janeiro's unclaimed farmland and griefed it's mine. Afterwards, Rio de Janeiro organized an attack to Falklands with carlthangs, iJumpy_, Perkelion and legrandenucc. Which would be later killed by a TNTs.


SoyGalletita mediated a peace deal between Dom_Pedro_Alex and heat1804. A non-agression pact was signed.


  • Questão Kauê comes from a diplomatic conflict between the Empire of Brazil and the British Empire(that, in real life.)
  • It wasn't a war, just a minor conflict which was sorted out between the future to-be nations.